Storyline Course Starters

Drag & Drop Interactions: Storyline Course Starter

***All template files are tested using modern browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox. We do not support or test using Internet Explorer.***


With rare exception, drag and drops will be built using Storyline's interaction editor.

This allows you to edit correct/incorrect pairings very easily, with no variables to concern yourself with.

To change answers/targets or drag and drop settings, open the Form View.

Dropzones for each dragger can be edited here using the dropdown selectors.

Settings can be changed via the top Ribbon.

Check the Display section on the Ribbon's Question tab.

To edit content, simply select a text element and type over

On the base layer, the xAPI_Intialize & Action shape sets all xAPI values and sends the statements.

A custom statement is sent each time a dragger is matched to the correct dropzone.

To edit the values sent for each, select the xAPI_Initialize & Action shape and scroll through the trigger stack until you reach the element you’d like to change, then type over the existing values.

Note that statements are currently sent when the STATE of each dragger is DROP CORRECT.

If you'd like to delay dragger states until everything is submitted, you'll need to address this in the xAPI stack.

A mastered statement is also sent from the Correct layer.

Select the xAPI_Action shape and edit its triggers to customize this statement.