Working With Text

Working with User Fonts in Lectora Online

Lectora Online supports only a handful of fonts (17), which you see in the Fonts drop down. But a typical computer (Windows, Mac) can render a lot more than 17 fonts - this is without using our Custom Fonts feature.

To apply User Fonts to your project, all you need to do is to tell Lectora Online that those fonts are available by specifying them in the User Fonts property in the Org setting.

The format of the string is a javascript array of strings. Each string has 2 parts:

  • Font name that will be displayed in the Font drop down list. This needs to be in single quotes.
  • Font name that will be used in font-family CSS style

For example:


Gilligans : displayed in the Font drop down

gilligan_font : used in HTML font-family CSS style