Captivate Styles

2-Column Drag & Drop Captivate

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 In this video, we're going to take a look at the structure of our Starter 2-Column Drag and Drop template, and how to make a few edits to the file.

Users are asked in this interaction to drag 6 tabs to one of two dropzones.
When a user successfully completes a column, the column header and icon change to provide visual feedback.
When both columns are complete, a ""Correct"" message appears.

To edit any of the content on these elements, click it, select all, and begin typing.
Similarly, use the Styles pane to edit formatting.

Note that the names of draggers and answers are set via variable.
To edit these values, access the advanced actions pane and select the Set_DraggerText action.

To set the correct answers for this one, select a dropzone, then the Drag and Drop Object Actions.

There's not a ton more to say about this template beyond the extremely awesome xAPI integration we've included.
Check out our other support videos for more information on that!

This article last reviewed July, 2019. The software may have changed since the last review.