Getting Started

3.2 Layering

Lectora Training Plan: Everything You Need to Know

Before you get started with course development in Lectora it’s important to know more about the layering.


Layering order is how objects overlap on top of each other to create what your users see on a particular page of your course.

In the project explorer objects appear in order of how they would load if your course was a typical web page.

On a webpage, the background loads first and everything else loads on top of it.

So in the project explorer the object that is on the back most layer will be listed first, while the object furthest down is on the top most layer of that page. 

The most common way to affect layering order is to rearrange the objects in the project explorer.

To change the order of the objects, simple drag and drop to move them to the appropriate location, or right click and select Layering from the context menu. 

Check your stage to see how moving these objects affects the appearance of your page.

If you know there is something you want to have always on top, select the object in the Project Explorer and navigate to its properties. Now select the option to always be on top.

This article last reviewed March, 2021. The software may have changed since the last review. Please visit our Release Notes to learn more about version updates.