Getting Started

3.3 Visibility

Lectora Training Plan: Everything You Need to Know

Before you get started with course development in Lectora it’s important to know more about the visibility.


Adjusting the visibility of objects can help improve your workflow during course development. 

It also gives you control of which objects display at a given time when a user takes your finished course

Here are the basics of working with visibility in Lectora.

If you would like to temporarily hide an object  from view while you are editing your course simply check or uncheck the box next to the object in the project explorer. 

Toggling off the object's visibility does not affect it’s visibility on publish or your ability to target it with actions.

By selecting an object in the project explorer and navigating to it’s properties tab you can initially hide an object from view. 

This prevents the object from appearing when the page first loads.

The object will only be visible when an action Is added to make it so.

This is useful for things like question feedback that you only want to appear after the user has answered the question.