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5. Chapters, Sections and Pages

Lectora Training Plan: Everything You Need to Know

Learn about the organization of your title. Lectora is structured like a book, with chapters, sections, and pages.


Before you start adding content to your project, it’s a good idea to lay down the basic framework or structure of your project using chapters, sections, and pages.

Chapters and sections allow you to group your content pages by a particular subject, such as a learning objective, to make your project easier to navigate and customize. 

Using chapters and sections allows you greater flexibility to create not just linear courses, but more advanced course logic when needed.

Each chapter and section adds a new level to your project that can be customized using inheritance. See our video on inheritance for more information.

There are multiple ways to add chapters, sections and pages to your project

At the top of the project explorer you will see icons to add a chapter, add a section,and add a page. When you navigate to the Home ribbon you will find these same icons. 

Additionally you will find keyboard shortcuts for adding chapters, sections and pages below. 

CTRL 1 - Add a chapter

CTRL 2 - Add a section

CTRL 3 - Add a page

No matter which way you choose to perform this action, the result will remain the same. 

Add chapter will add a chapter below the page currently selected in the project explorer. 

While add section will add a new section within a chapter after the currently selected page.

And Add page will add a new page after the page currently selected in the project explorer, whether within a chapter or on it’s own. 

When you add a page the default behavior is to add a blank page. However in the dropdown on the Home ribbon you can choose another layout. 

If you would like to change this page layout later, select the page in the project explorer, navigate to its properties and select the appropriate layout from the apply dropdown. 

This article last reviewed March, 2021. The software may have changed since the last review. Please visit our Release Notes to learn more about version updates.


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