Modular Development (ModDev)

Add Page Templates - Page Layouts & Interaction Wireframes

What’s new with Page Layouts?

Page layouts in Lectora have been updated to work with the ModDev design grid. This means all placeholders for text, images, and media will align with other layout and design elements in Course Frameworks, Themes, Wireframe Interactions and Style Packs. 

To insert a new page layout in Lectora:

  1. Select the page in the Project Explorer immediately above where you would like to insert the new page.
  2. Navigate to the Home Ribbon and select the Add Page drop-down to browse the various page layout options available. 
  3. Select the desired layout to insert it as a new page below the currently selected page in the Project Explorer.

What’s a Wireframe Interaction?

Wireframe Interactions are unstyled Lectora pages that include all the basic elements you need to add interactivity  in your project. As with Frameworks, all the logic is worked out for you. All you have to do is update the wireframe with your course content and apply your visual style. 

Wireframes Interactions include:

  • Click to Reveals
  • Knowledge Checks
  • Scenarios

And More!

How do I Insert a Wireframe Interaction?

To insert a Wireframe Interaction: 

  1. Navigate to the Tools Ribbon and select the Template Library icon to open the eLearning Brothers Template Library. 
  2. On the Template Library  page, scroll down to the Wireframe Interaction section. 
  3. Select the desired wireframe template, or select View More to see the full selection available.

When you find the one that fits your learning objectives click on it and select the download option for the Lectora 21 eLearing Template (Library Object) .awo file to insert it directly into your Lectora Project. 

Wireframes can also be used as stand alone templates. In that case you would select the eLearning Template . awp file to create a new project.


This article last reviewed May 2021. The software may have changed since the last review.