Adding a Channel

This article will explain how to add and configure a channel. Channels can only be added by administrators.

June 1, 2022


Channels can be used for many purposes. A channel can be named for a topic, initiative, or its intended audience, among other things.

To Add a New Channel

  1. In Channels, click or tap the New Channel button.
  2. Give the channel a unique name.
  3. It’s a great idea to provide a brief description of the purpose of the channel to give your team members an idea of how the channel is to be used.
  4. Configure whether posts must be approved by an admin, and whether users will be allowed to leave comments on videos.
  5. Click Done.

These permissions can be managed later by accessing the gear box icon in the upper-right corner of the channel.

By default, channels are visible to all Rehearsal users in your organization. If you would like to show a channel only to specific users, please see Creating and Modifying Private Channels.