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Adding Web Windows in Lectora and Lectora Online

Have you ever thought about how to add additional information to your Lectora or Lectora Online titles, but you’re not sure how? You can easily display information to your student with Web Windows. Web Windows allow users to view external or live web resources within a title. 

To add a web window

1.  Select the Insert ribbon and select the Web Window icon from the Add Web Object group.

Insert ribbon Web Window

2. This opens the Add Web Window window. From the options:

a. Select the Window Source from the drop-down in which you want to include within your Lectora title:

  • Web Address: A location on the world wide web
  • Local web-based content: A file that is housed on the world wide web
  • Page in Title: A page within your current Lectora Title
  • Google Maps Location: A location on Google Maps
  • Wikipedia Entry: A topic on Wikipedia
  • Google Document: A document housed on Google Drive

b. Enter in the additional information required:

  1. Web Address = URL
  2. Local Web-based Content = File Path
  3. Page in Title = Page
  4. Google Maps Location = Address
  5. Wikipedia Entry = Topic
  6. Google Document = Document

c. Selecting Preview gives you the ability to preview your content before placing it within your Lectora workspace.

d. Select Ok to add it into your course.

Add Web Window

Edit the Web Window

Once you’ve embedded a web window, Lectora will provide you with a placeholder in which you can resize and style to your liking. Use the Properties ribbon to rename the web window and easily edit it. Use the Style ribbon to add a border, border color, margin size and scroll bars. Use the Position & Size ribbon to adjust the position and size of the object.

Web Window in Edit Mode

Review the Web Window

Finally, test the functionality of the web window from within Lectora (Run mode), your preferred browser(s), and Learning Managment System (LMS).

Web Window Run Mode

This article last reviewed Dec, 2015. The software may have changed since the last review. Please visit our Release Notes to learn more about version updates.