Admin - Enrollments

Admin Manually Enroll Users in Modules

How Admins manually enroll users in modules, either at the individual level or bulk enrollment. Where to view enrolled users.

October 1, 2021



Caution: Modules must be added to a Course in order for users to be enrolled in a Module. To learn how to add a Module to a Course, visit XXX

Step 1: Module Enrollments Tab

Navigate to the Enrollments tab of the Admin portal and select the Module tab on the left.



Step 2: Choose Desired Module

Type at least 3 characters of the name of the desired module into the search bar. Select the “Show all users” button to view all users on the right side of the screen.



Step 3: Choose Users to Enroll

Choose the users you want to enroll into the module by checking off the box next to their name.


Note: You can select all users by checking the box next to the "Name" title. You can also sort and filter users by enterprise, office, and learner group using the filters drop-down next to the search bar.


Step 4: Enroll Users

Click the red "Enroll" button to enroll all of your selected users into the module. Then click the “Enroll Users” button from the Enroll page popup to finalize your choice. Once a user is enrolled, their email address will appear blue with a checkmark in the user list. An email will go out to your newly enrolled users alerting them that they have been enrolled in the module. 


Note: If you do not immediately see a change in enrollment status, wait a few minutes and then refresh the page.


Bulk Enrollment

Like with enrolling users in a course, you can also bulk enroll users by selecting the red “Enroll” button and enrolling by Enterprise, Office, and Learner Groups, or by inputting users’ email addresses in the Multiple Users tab. 

Note: During the user selection step of enrollment, you can use filters to separate users by learner group and then select all users on a page (30 at a time) to rapidly enroll all users in a learner group.



Module Enrollment V.S. Course Enrollment

Though the process for enrolling users in a Module is similar to enrolling users in a Course, there are a few key differences in how the Rockstar Learning Platform interacts with Modules and Courses.

Viewing Enrolled Users: Just like Course enrollment, you will see a new “Show enrolled users” button next to the Module on the left side after you enroll users into a Module. This button allows admins to view users enrolled in the Module.


Reporting: You cannot view a user’s progress through a module in the enrollment completion report. You can view the user’s progress in the model by clicking on the blue email address in the user list.  


Reminder Emails: Users will not receive reminder emails when they are only enrolled in a module. 

User’s Dashboard: A user’s module enrollments appear on their dashboard in the enrollments tab. They are tabled as “Modules” rather than “Courses”.


Event Modules: Unlike enrolling in a course with an event module, directly enrolling users in the event module will automatically RSVP them for the event unless the event has already passed.  

User Self-Enrollment: Unlike course enrollments, users cannot self-enroll in modules.