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Automatically Enroll New Learners in Specific Courses

Use learner groups to automatically enroll learners in specific courses as soon as they are added to the platform.

March 28, 2022


Automatic Enrollment 

Related: This article is for an advanced feature. If you haven’t already, please review Creating, Assigning, and Removing Learner Groups and Adding New Users before reading about this feature. 


By default, the auto-enrollment feature is turned off. This means that administrators will have to add learners to the Rockstar Learning Platform and then manually enroll them in each course or module. However, the Rockstar Learning Platform’s auto-enrollment feature will automatically enroll new learners in courses that are relevant to them. 

When auto-enrollment is turned on, a new toggle option will appear on the Course Edit Page  (see How to Create, Edit, or Delete a Course). This allows administrators to toggle the auto-enrollment setting on/off for each course.

Caution: The following settings are needed to set up a course so that new learners are automatically enrolled in the course when they are added to the platform:  

  • The “Auto-Enrollment” setting needs to be enabled on the Account Settings page.
  • “Allow Users to Enroll” must be toggled “Yes” (the course must be enrollable)
  • The new learner(s) must share at least one learner group with the module(s) in the course. 
  • The “Auto-Enroll New Users” setting needs to be toggled “On” from the course editor page. 
  • The course must be published.


Step 1: Enable Auto Enrollment

Navigate to the “Settings” tab of the Admin Portal. In the “Account” subcategory, toggle “On” under the “Auto-Enrollment” setting. Scroll down and select the red “Save” button to apply the setting. 



Step 2: Toggle Setting on for Specific Courses

Navigate to the “Content” tab of the Admin Portal. Select “Open” on any course you wish to enable the auto-enrollment setting, and then select “Edit.” Toggle “Yes” under the “Auto-Enroll New Users” setting. 



Step 3: Check Other Settings (Optional)

Double-check that “Allow Users to Enroll'' is toggled on. You may also want to check the learner groups for each module in the course. You can edit the modules’ learner groups individually (see Creating, Assigning, and Removing Learner Groups) or multiple at a time (see Edit and Delete Multiple Learners at Once). 


Step 4: Save Settings

Select “Update Course” to save your changes. Then select “Publish” to publish the course edits. In the pop-up window select “Proceed” to confirm your changes or “Cancel” to continue editing. 



Step 5: Add Learners

Use any of the following means to add learners to the platform:

  • Manually
  • Bulk Import
  • Registration Form
  • Integrations 

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