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Custom Analytics in CenarioVR

How to add custom variables to track learner actions and then analyze that data using CenarioVR's analytics feature.

Many times while creating a scenario you may wish to track user actions that are not covered by the standard analytics available in CenarioVR.  You can track custom values by creating Variables within your content, and then setting them at the appropriate time.

For instance, you may want to track the number of times a user enters a scene, which scene they entered first, or even aggregate data on whether users watch an entire video before closing it. To track these, you begin by creating a Variable that will hold the values you are reporting on. You then set the variable at the appropriate time, for example, when the user clicks on the hotspot to close the video.

Every time a Variable is updated, an "Updated" xAPI statement is recorded in the interaction log to allow you to follow the progression of variable updates as students are taking the course:


When a "Completed" action occurs in the scenario, the final value of all of the Variables is sent and displayed graphically in the Analytics section of the course overview:

This allows you to track just about anything you want within a scenario.

Check out this video for more information: