Changing the Feedback

Feedback text

For each question there is a separate “Feedback” Group inside each of those groups there is a text box DO NOT add any text directly into the text box, instead you can change the text in the actions tab.

  • Expand the Feedback group
  • Select the text box
  • Select the “ACTION” Tab
  • Change the “Correct!” or “Incorrect” text to your custom feedback text
    • Something to note the font size is a little big so if you are adding a lot of text be sure to adjust the text size appropriately.

Change Passing Percentage

As a default the acceptable passing score is an 80% out of answered questions and not 80% of the game score. When it comes down to it all questions are weighted equally. However you are able to change that passing percentage from its default 80%.

  • Select the group “Done”
  • Select the text box “Percent”
  • Select the action “CHANGE_"IF"_forPassPercent”
  • In the “ACTION” tab double click “IF”
  • Change the number “80” to your desired passing percentage
  • Also be sure to change the text “done_FailText” in group “Done”

    This article last reviewed Dec, 2015. The software may have changed since the last review. Please visit our Release Notes to learn more about version updates.