Channels Overview

This article will give you high-level understanding of what Channels is and how it may be applied to help your team reach its particular goals.

June 1, 2022

What is Channels?

Channels is a place for your team to post videos for collaboration around topics and initiatives in your organization. Channels enables you to easily set up areas for best practices, how-to-videos, executive messaging, etc., as well as areas where users can post videos to collaborate on things such as sales situations, brainstorming, or Q&A. Use cases tend to fall into three categories, top-down messaging, bottom-up messaging, and best practice libraries.

Channels is an area that is under active development and will evolve based on customer feedback.

Detailed Instructions

Viewing Channels Posts and Giving Feedback

Adding a Channel

Posting a Video to a Channel (Laptop/Desktop)

Editing and Deleting a Channels Post

Moderating Posts in Channels

Creating and Managing Private Channels

Linking Directly to a Channel or Post