Storyline Styles

Check Box Knowledge Check

***All template files are tested using modern browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox. We do not support or test using Internet Explorer.***

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In this video, we're going to take a look at the basic structure of our Checkbox Knowledge Check Storyline template, and how to make simple edits, like changing text in the file.

First, let's look at the structure. This is a single-screen template. All the primary content is on the base layer. Two feedback layers are also used to show feedback content based on user response.

To edit content in this template, simply click a textbox and edit at will.

To change the colors/behavior of each checkbox, access the states pane.

To edit feedback, select the layer you wish to edit by clicking it in the Slide Layers pane, and adjust text as desired. Alternatively, all feedback text can be edited using the Form View. This view is also the means to quickly and easily change correct/incorrect answers.

To remove an answer option altogether, you can use the Form View, or simply delete the checkbox you'd like to remove.