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Chroma Key Video

Chroma Key Video, also known as Green Screen, Blue Screen, or Transparent Background video, gives you the ability to put a moving character or animation into your scenario using a standard video object. 

Using Chroma Key is as simple as adding a video, enabling Chroma Key on that video, selecting the color you want to be transparent, and selecting a "Fuzziness" level to indicate how many shades of your selected color to mark as transparent.

To add a Chroma Key video:

  1. Add a video object as you would for any regular video.
  2. Select a video resource that has a consistent background color that can be removed. You can find examples of that in the ELB Learning Stock Asset Library  by searching for "Green Screen"
  3. Click on the Chroma Key icon in the properties
  4. There you will see a loop of your current video. You can enable Chroma Key by clicking on the "Use Chroma Key" switch at the top
  5. It will initially default to white as the transparent color. To change the color used for transparency, click on the color palette. This brings up the standard color picker dialog, with the addition of an eyedropper icon. You can manually change the color, or more easily you can select the eyedropper icon to select the color from the video itself.
  6. The Fuzziness Level adjusts how many shades of color will be set to transparent using your set color as the base. So, setting a lower number will only use that exact RGB value, while a higher number will allow more shades of the color around your set color. You will find that depending on how well the video is Chroma Keyed, you may need to use higher or lower fuzziness levels to achieve the desired transparent effect.
  7. The effect will show live in the video preview to allow you to set things just as you need them. Once you have it set the way you want, you are ready to go!

For more information, check out this video.