Storyline Course Starters

Click to Reveal Interactions: Storyline Course Starter

***All template files are tested using modern browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox. We do not support or test using Internet Explorer.***


With rare exception our click to reveals, timelines, pyramid interactions - basically anything that has a "tab" and launches content - work the same way in our new Storyline Course Starters.

This allows for familiarity and ease of use across different files - if you know how the 4-Tab Click to Reveal works in Fira, you'll be able to easily edit the Pyramid in Montserrat.

All content for all elements is editable.

Select an element and type; right-click and select new picture for images.

You can also use the slide & feedback master elements to enter new content.

Clickable elements are on the base layer.

Content for each tab is located on its own layer.

Select the individual layers in the Slide Layers panel to edit.

To hide tabs/clickable elements, you can either move the unnecessary tabs off screen, or change the NumOf(object)_(interaction name)_(product number) variable.

For 1 element, change it to 1; for 3, change it to 3

The range of values will be shown in the instructions text to the left of the stage.

Use the xAPI_Intialize shape to set the activity ID (baseURL), and unique identifier for this slide (objetcID).

You can also edit the xAPI (general) description here.

Content/object-specific statements are on their related layers, also on a shape - xAPI_ACTION.

Set the verbID (unique ID for the verb you're using), verbDisplay value, and the object ID and display values there.