User Management

Control Access to Team and Member Libraries

Watch this tutorial to learn how to control your user's access to uploading and downloading from the eLearning Brothers Team or Member Libraries. 


If you need to edit a user’s access to the team or member libraries, start by logging in at Go to the top right hand corner, click the login button, and login with your LinkedIn, Facebook, or email.

Once you’re logged in, click your name in the upper right hand corner to access the member dashboard. Once there, we’ll need to go to the Manage Users tab.

On the list of users, you can see which users have access to the libraries by the icons. As a quick reminder, the team library allows for groups to share company-approved and branded assets across their team. The member library allows for all eLearning Brothers members to share assets they’ve created with each other.  The symbols correspond with the ability to upload to the team libraries, download from the member libraries, and upload to the member libraries. A green icon means your user has permission to do that function. A red icon indicates your user will be unable to do that.

If you want to edit all of your user’s access at once, use the icons in the top right hand corner to  do a mass edit. If the box is blue and there is a dash inside, that means there is a combination of users who have green and red icons, so some people have access to upload and download while others don’t. Click the box two times to turn the icon inside to a check mark, indicating that restriction will be turned on, then click “Update”. On the user list, the corresponding icons will turn red for everyone to show that function has been shut off.  Turn it back on by doing the same thing- uncheck the box, and click update, and watch as the red icons turn green.

If you only need to edit one user’s access, click on the “View/Edit” link on the right hand side of your user’s row. In the top right hand corner, you’ll see a similar form. Check the boxes to restrict access, scroll down, and click update. If we scroll back up and click the “Back” button we can see that user’s access has now been restricted. To give that access back, follow the same process. Click the view/edit button, uncheck the boxes found on the right hand side, scroll down and click update. Now, when we click the back button and scroll down, you can see that the user’s permissions have been restored.