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Converting a Classroom Video Quick Win Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to work with the Classroom Conversion - Video with Pop Up Questions template in Lectora Online

In this tutorial we're going to show you  how to edit our Classroom Conversion template for Video with Popup Questions in Lectora Online.

This template allows you to time review questions to appear at preset intervals during a prerecorded video course such as a classroom lecture or a software how-to, like the one you are watching now. 

Let’s show you how to work with this template.

Replacing Placeholder Video

  1. First find and select the placeholder video in your Project Explorer. It will be pretty easy to find since it’s the only Yellow Media icon in the project explorer
  2. Next navigate to the corresponding yellow Properties tab on the ribbon. 
  3. Find the video drop down on the far left and select Browse for File to search for your video file on your desktop.

    Tip: To maintain the current layout navigate to the yellow Position and Size Ribbon and set the width of your video to 720, be sure the Maintain Ratio icon is highlighted. If you wish to use a video of a different size, be sure to double check your layout in the different RCD views

    Editing Review Questions

    Now that we have our video, let’s edit our review questions. 

    1. In the Project Explorer select Question 1. It will be the first red question mark towards the bottom of the Explorer
    2. Navigate to the corresponding red properties tab on the Ribbon.
    3. Select Edit question. 
    4. In the Question creator dialogue box Type your question in the Question box
    5. Then type your choices in the Choices table below. Be sure to identify which option is correct. 
    6. Navigate to the feedback tab and update your correct and incorrect feedback. 
    7. When you are finished editing click Okay.

    Repeat this process for each additional question.

    Update Question Timing

    To update the timing of your questions

    1. Select your Video in the Project Explorer
    2. Navigate to the yellow Properties tab and select the Sync Events Icon.
    3. On the Left Hand side of the events editor you can play a preview of the video to find the time code where you would like the first question to appear.
    4. Update the timing of Event 1 Accordingly. 
    5. Repeat this process for the other two Events. 
    6. When you’re done, select okay. 

    Note: If you swap your video later these timecodes and events will persist to the new video, you can update them accordingly at that time.

    Preview your work in Run mode and make adjustments as needed. 

    And that’s the basics of working with this classroom conversion template. 

    Adding Additional Questions

    This template comes with three questions ready to go out of the box, but you may come across situations where you will need or want to have more questions. 

    Each question in the template requires both a question and corresponding Show Question action group to function as intended

    To add a question you can either copy and paste one of the existing questions or insert one from the insert ribbon.

    Either way you will want to copy and paste a corresponding action group along with your new question. 

    Be sure to update the name or numbering of the question and action group in your project explorer. 

    Edit the question text as you normally would. 

    Updating The Action Group

    You will need to update the target of the Show Question # action in the action group. 

    1. To do so select the action group and expand it.
    2. Find the Orange action labeled Show Question #
    3. Navigate to the Orange action tab on the ribbon.
    4. In the Target dropdown select your new question

    Updating Submit Button Action

    You will also need to update the Actions associated with the submit all button to process the additional question

    To do so

    1. Select on the Orange SubmitALL button 
    2. To the left expand to show the actions associated with the button
    3. Copy and paste one of the actions on the button to create a new action
    4. Under the action tab change the Target for you new action to your new question number
    5. Select the Conditional Icon to open the Set Action Condition dialog. 
    6. Under Variable select your new question. Leave Relationship and Value set where they are. 
    7. Select okay.

    Updating Question Close Button

    You will also need to add a Hide Question Action to the Question Close Button

    To do so 

    1. Click on the Orange Question Close button in the Project explorer
    2. Expand so the actions are visible. 
    3. Copy and paste one of the actions on the button
    4. Now select that action and navigate to the orange action tab
    5. Set the Target for the new action to your new question
    6. Be sure conditions is set to Always. 

    Adding Additional Sync Events

    To add a new sync event for your new question

    1. Select your video in the Project Explorer
    2. Navigate to the yellow Properties tab and select the Sync Events Icon.
    3. Use the preview on the left to find the timecode where you would like the question to appear
    4. Click Add Event
    5. In the Edit Event Action dropdown select Run Action Group
    6. For the Target Select the Action Group for your new Show Question action group. 

    And that’s how you add your new questions to the template.