CourseMill Release Notes

CourseMill v8.5.11

Released on:  November 29, 2022

Version: v8.5.11

CourseMill v8.5.11 is a maintenance heavy release with some additional improvements to batch and scheduled imports.

What’s New?

Batch User Data Interface and Scheduled Import Refinements:

  • Create a user accessible log for student ID’s that did not process during batch import
  • Add a download link to all Batch User Data operations for rejected records
  • If errors are encountered during Scheduled Import, a report of those errors will be emailed to the administrator


Other Updates Include:

Multiple updates and bugs resolved with the Location field for Sessions
  • CM-1630 Selecting a Location from pg 2 of dialog causes multiple issues
  • CM-1628 CourseMill allows an admin to use the same Location name for multiple Location ID’s in an Org
  • CM-1629 When using the Jump To: feature in the Locations box with multiple locations, it only appears to have one letter choice

Bugs Resolved with this Release:

  • CM-1029 Need to validate API Message Body text in the Extern API tab of the Organization Details dialog
  • CM-1515 Enable login configuration for default role issues resolved

  • CM-1167 Session start and end dates using UTC, not customers time zone

  • CM-1416 Course Info tab user data not being saved upon initial course creation

  • CM-1631 Using Non-Alphanumeric Characters in a Curriculum ID does not return an error message

  • CM-1632 Swagger-UI does not send curriculumID

  • CM-1633 Evaluations: Search filters are not returning the correct data

  • CM-1635 Course Status Failed does not trigger Push API

  • CM-1639 Default Optional Admin Menu links are broken and do not have the correct categorization

  • CM-1642 Import and duplication operations are not showing to the admin as completed when run in CourseMill

  • CM-1646 Student Enrolling In A Session Can Not Make Dialogue Box Disappear When Clicking Close Window Button

  • CM-1651 User receives Multiple Sessions Restrictions error

  • CM-1655 Students with Instructor privileges cannot switch roles

  • CM-1669 Granting Additional Permissions for Instructors and Reporters gives incorrect access to Courses and Students

  • CM-1674 Certificates and Transcripts for re-enrolled courses have incorrect data

  • CM-1676 Register Student Window Does Not Finish Loading

  • CM-1677 Viewing a Course's Content from the Instructor View erroneously records Sco data for the course

  • CM-1678 Course Auto re-enroll not enrolling student when a new session is added

  • CM-1681 Prerequisites for Courses not being correctly enforced when no open Sessions available

  • CM-1704 Delete Student Record - StudentID has trailing space

  • CM-1604 Transcript and Certificates not populating correctly

  • CM-1622 Ensure missing required data fields are filled in during batch import

  • CM-1647 default arbitrary due date to blank

CourseMill v8.5.10

Released on:  September 21, 2022

Version: v8.5.10


In v8.5.10, we looked at the administrator experience and were able to implement some NEW features that will take that role to the next level! Check out these items below:

What’s New?

  • Report on student completions via Push API!

    You can now update completions for the following using the batch import process and receive notifications via push API:

    1. Stand Alone Courses
    2. Curriculum Courses
    3. Curricula Themselves
  • Resend any certificate to a student right from their transcript

  • Enable Default Login Role - Now Reporters and Instructors can be set up to see the Student view now when they login.

  • Calendar select mass due date to apply to all new enrolled users

Other Updates Include:

  • [CM-1591] Push API: add notifications to Batch Import process
  • [CM-1319] Add Archive a Record capability to Scheduled Import
  • [CM-1478] Users should be given a warning when their course/session is about timeout from inactivity
  • [CM-1590] Improved management of concurrent Database connections

Bugs Resolved with this Release:

  • [CM-1054] Instructor without 'Modify Content' permissions able to modify course content
  • [CM-955]  TF8 issue with user name when Chinese characters are used for the name
  • [CM-1542] Gradebook Course Completion Status has mismatched data
  • [CM-1517] Prerequisites feature not working correctly in a Course with multiple SCO/SCA objects
  • [CM-1422] Apostrophes in studentid would sometimes be allowed
  • [CM-1585] Legacy View - Remove Score totals for Curriculums for students
  • [CM-1576] Admins are not able to modify the Expiration Date when Registering a student for a Curriculum
  • [CM-929] Allow for Sequential Course requirements in Curriculum