CourseMill Release Notes

Feature and bug fix notes for all CourseMill versions after 8.5.8.


CourseMill v8.5.15 (latest stable release)

Released on: September 25, 2023

Bugs/Issues Resolved:

  • CM-1369 - CMUI: Transcript page - Certificates list window was widened and now has horizontal and vertical scrollbars for scrolling if needed. Certificates are now listed in Alphabetical order with Curriculums being listed first and in bold to stand out.
  • CM-1469 - CMUI: Using the Student Invitation URL to access a Course or Session was showing the incorrect time for that Session.
  • CM-1853 - CMUI: Courses with Sessions that start in the future now appear on both the My Courses and Course Catalog page if applicable.
  • CM-1866 - CMUI: Refreshing the browser or reloading the page was logging the Student out.
  • CM-2014 - A new column IsPushFlag or PushNotification can now be used for import files or batch imports to choose whether or not to trigger the Push API (if it is being used) for each record.
    0, NO, or N - to deactivate it. 1, YES, or Y to activate it.
  • CM-2255 - CMUI: Allow Early Access to Materials now grants the Student enrolled in that Course access to any non-SCO objects in a Course if they are within the proper time frame.
  • CM-2356 - Manual entry of dates has been re-allowed for the Gradebook. An error check was added so that if an invalid date is entered, the date will not be changed.
  • CM-2358 - When registering a Student through the Manage Users menu by selecting a Course ID(s), CourseMill was not automatically enrolling the Student in a Session if there was only one open Session available.
  • CM-2359 - ICS Calendar files from invitation e-mails were using the wrong time settings when opened in Outlook.
  • CM-2374 - CMUI: Dashboard Calendar widget was erroneously showing Courses as 'expiring this week'.
  • CM-2382 - Manage Users menu was erroneously creating student course records in the database if an admin tried to manually register a Student using an invalid Course, Curriculum, or Session ID.
  • CM-2384 - Curriculum Details window: Width was slightly increased. Hovering over a Curriculum ID or Course ID while on the Prerequisites or Courses tab will now show the full Curriculum or Course ID instead of the name.
  • CM-2389 - CMUI: Dashboard widget now shows the full list of Courses a Student is enrolled in.
  • CM-2390 - CMUI: Dashboard Calendar widget was not showing when a Course was starting 'today'.
  • CM-2423 - CMUI: Student Transcripts were not downloading when the ‘Summary’ option was selected.
  • CM-2435 - CMUI: Formatting for downloaded Student Transcripts was fixed.

CourseMill v8.5.14

Released on: August 20, 2023

Bugs/Issues Resolved:

  • CM-1674 - Completion Date information was fixed for Certificates and Transcripts for automatically re-enrolled courses.

  • CM-1800 and CM-2206 - The Database column journaling field UpdatedDate was mistakenly getting updated when Students logged in as opposed to when changes were actually made to the Student record.

  • CM-1810 - Uploading a Custom Certificate for an Org was not working correctly.

  • CM-1813 - Extra filters/sorting options have been added to improve the process for registering Students in Courses, Curriculums, and Sessions.

  • CM-1978 - Batch Import Process was missing error messages and had incorrect behavior when trying to enroll Students in some Curriculums and Courses.

  • CM-2053 - Expiration Date for a Course was not getting immediately updated after Student registration.

  • CM-2060 - The Gradebook Completion Date field no longer allows invalid dates to be entered or selected. 

  • CM-2064 - Spaces in Student IDEmail Address, Course ID, Curriculum ID, and Session ID fields were causing database errors. CourseMill now automatically removes these spaces.

  • CM-2089 - The password reset process was allowing users to successfully change their passwords even if the New Password and Confirm Password values did not match.

  • CM-2092 - The User List API call was returning data for all Students instead of Students that a restricted Admin had permissions to pull information for. 

  • CM-2094 - TotalTime value for Courses was being incorrectly calculated.

  • CM-2095 - Students were unintentionally emailing Course Instructors when they would reply to the Course Notification emails that were sent out. The reply-to addresses for CourseMill notifications have now been changed to 'no-reply' addresses so this no longer happens.

  • CM-2102 - ICS Calendar files were using the wrong time zone settings and therefore had incorrect Session information.

  • CM-2161 - Clients using Zapier (a 3rd-party service) to automatically enroll Students in Curriculums after purchasing were receiving errors.

  • CM-2167 - The Default Login Mode user setting for Reporters and Instructors was causing some unexpected issues when users would log in.

  • CM-2208 - The Enroll Date for a Course was mistakenly shown as blank after a Student was auto-enrolled in an open Session for a Course.

  • CM-2249 - The built-in Status report was missing some Student records when filtering by Report Start/End Dates. 

  • CM-2252 - Password Reset process now only uses the Student ID. There were multiple problems when trying to reset a password using a Student's email address, particularly when multiple Students shared an email address.

  • CM-2253 - Course Completion Status of 'Incomplete' or 'Not Attempted' was causing some unexpected Batch Import issues.

  • CM-2270 - 'Forgot Password' Notification Email now allows the use of the built-in CourseMill tags such as USER_ID, START DATE, LOCATION, etc.

  • CM-2273 - Including Archived Students in the built-in Transcript report was causing the report to not run.

  • CM-2278 - Certain sets of CM log file messages were greatly increasing the log file size when the Debug Managed Property property was set to 'On'. This extra information is now only logged when the Debug property is set to 'Full'.

CourseMill v8.5.13

Released on: April 20, 2023


Bugs/Issues Resolved:

  • [CM-1809] Student Invitation URL needs a larger textbox area
  • [CM-2007] Push API returning multiple unrelated Curriculum
  • [CM-2012] Legacy timezone settings for Sessions cause Internal Server Error and problems viewing Student registrations
  • [CM-2015] States Drop Down selections are not in Alphabetical Order
  • [CM-2027] My Course and Course Catalog tiles and pages are not loading
  • [CM-2030] Errors when trying to Unenroll Students from Courses through the API

CourseMill v8.5.12

Released on: February 6, 2023


Bugs/Issues Resolved:

  • [CM-1612] - Students restored from the archive get erroneous course completion data
  • [CM-1633] - Evaluations: Search filters are not returning the correct data
  • [CM-1642] - Import and duplication operations are not showing to the admin as completed when run in CourseMill
  • [CM-1811] - ScoHistory table is not recording auto re-enroll message in the Comment field
  • [CM-1816] - Curriculums have incorrect expiration dates automatically assigned
  • [CM-1819] - Instructor/Reporters unable to see Courses or pull data from Courses they are assigned to
  • [CM-1820] - Push API not providing CompletionTime value
  • [CM-1821] - CurriculumID cannot be edited/changed
  • [CM-1823] - Instructors are not able to complete Courses when using the Student role

CourseMill v8.5.11

Released on:  November 29, 2022

Version: v8.5.11

CourseMill v8.5.11 is a maintenance heavy release with some additional improvements to batch and scheduled imports.

What’s New?

Batch User Data Interface and Scheduled Import Refinements:

  • Create a user accessible log for student ID’s that did not process during batch import
  • Add a download link to all Batch User Data operations for rejected records
  • If errors are encountered during Scheduled Import, a report of those errors will be emailed to the administrator


Other Updates Include:

Multiple updates and bugs resolved with the Location field for Sessions
  • CM-1630 Selecting a Location from pg 2 of dialog causes multiple issues
  • CM-1628 CourseMill allows an admin to use the same Location name for multiple Location ID’s in an Org
  • CM-1629 When using the Jump To: feature in the Locations box with multiple locations, it only appears to have one letter choice

Bugs Resolved with this Release:

  • CM-1029 Need to validate API Message Body text in the Extern API tab of the Organization Details dialog
  • CM-1515 Enable login configuration for default role issues resolved

  • CM-1167 Session start and end dates using UTC, not customers time zone

  • CM-1416 Course Info tab user data not being saved upon initial course creation

  • CM-1631 Using Non-Alphanumeric Characters in a Curriculum ID does not return an error message

  • CM-1632 Swagger-UI does not send curriculumID

  • CM-1633 Evaluations: Search filters are not returning the correct data

  • CM-1635 Course Status Failed does not trigger Push API

  • CM-1639 Default Optional Admin Menu links are broken and do not have the correct categorization

  • CM-1642 Import and duplication operations are not showing to the admin as completed when run in CourseMill

  • CM-1646 Student Enrolling In A Session Can Not Make Dialogue Box Disappear When Clicking Close Window Button

  • CM-1651 User receives Multiple Sessions Restrictions error

  • CM-1655 Students with Instructor privileges cannot switch roles

  • CM-1669 Granting Additional Permissions for Instructors and Reporters gives incorrect access to Courses and Students

  • CM-1674 Certificates and Transcripts for re-enrolled courses have incorrect data

  • CM-1676 Register Student Window Does Not Finish Loading

  • CM-1677 Viewing a Course's Content from the Instructor View erroneously records Sco data for the course

  • CM-1678 Course Auto re-enroll not enrolling student when a new session is added

  • CM-1681 Prerequisites for Courses not being correctly enforced when no open Sessions available

  • CM-1704 Delete Student Record - StudentID has trailing space

  • CM-1604 Transcript and Certificates not populating correctly

  • CM-1622 Ensure missing required data fields are filled in during batch import

  • CM-1647 default arbitrary due date to blank

CourseMill v8.5.10

Released on:  September 21, 2022

Version: v8.5.10


In v8.5.10, we looked at the administrator experience and were able to implement some NEW features that will take that role to the next level! Check out these items below:

What’s New?

  • Report on student completions via Push API!

    You can now update completions for the following using the batch import process and receive notifications via push API:

    1. Stand Alone Courses
    2. Curriculum Courses
    3. Curricula Themselves
  • Resend any certificate to a student right from their transcript

  • Enable Default Login Role - Now Reporters and Instructors can be set up to see the Student view now when they login.

  • Calendar select mass due date to apply to all new enrolled users

Other Updates Include:

  • [CM-1591] Push API: add notifications to Batch Import process
  • [CM-1319] Add Archive a Record capability to Scheduled Import
  • [CM-1478] Users should be given a warning when their course/session is about timeout from inactivity
  • [CM-1590] Improved management of concurrent Database connections

Bugs Resolved with this Release:

  • [CM-1054] Instructor without 'Modify Content' permissions able to modify course content
  • [CM-955]  TF8 issue with user name when Chinese characters are used for the name
  • [CM-1542] Gradebook Course Completion Status has mismatched data
  • [CM-1517] Prerequisites feature not working correctly in a Course with multiple SCO/SCA objects
  • [CM-1422] Apostrophes in studentid would sometimes be allowed
  • [CM-1585] Legacy View - Remove Score totals for Curriculums for students
  • [CM-1576] Admins are not able to modify the Expiration Date when Registering a student for a Curriculum
  • [CM-929] Allow for Sequential Course requirements in Curriculum

CourseMill v8.5.9

Released on: August 3, 2022

Customer Requested Improvements and Feature Enhancements:

  • [CM-1503] Custom Certificate files need to be accessible within CourseMill
  • [CM-1435] Include a 'Journaling' Column on StudentCourse table
  • [CM-1333] Add arbitrary Due Date to Course
  • [CM-1303] Allow selection of CC Approval request to use type ahead
  • Additional Bugs and Issues Resolved:
  • [CM-1421] Domain Updates for Company Rebrand
  • [CM-1476] Add DMARC support for email
  • [CM-1465] Remove the "Guest" Role/Selection Privilege
  • [CM-1389] Add two new tokens for the API push mechanism
  • [CM-1092] Add flyway to help with upgrades/migration
  • [CM-1528] Completion Certificate PDF data contents need to be removed from logging
  • [CM-1522] Scheduled imports are not excluding accounts already in the Archive
  • [CM-1514] Escaped Unicode characters corrupted in Notification emails
  • [CM-1493] Analyze Courses button is available to restricted admins
  • [CM-1464] Wildcard characters can be used in a password, but cause a login error
  • [CM-1461] Duplication of a course does not create a new course and replaces content of original course with 0 byte files
  • [CM-1457] Publish to SCORM Question Data Missing
  • [CM-1447] CourseMill URL Encoding Issue for SCA Content
  • [CM-1442] Internal server error asks user to contact trivantis
  • [CM-1415] Bulk Import Allows Duplicate UserID's to exist in ArchiveStudent and in Student Tables
  • [CM-1392] Student ID with leading space cause delete issue
  • [CM-1370] Cannot Edit Personal info
  • [CM-1078] Coursemill field interactcorr.PATTERN does not get correct answer's letter if answer text has 2 commas in answer text