Managing Users, Groups, and Scenarios
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Create and Activate Users in CenarioVR

Adding Users

To create a new user, navigate to the Users tab.

Next click the blue plus icon.

This will navigate you to the Create new  user screen.

On this screen select the user permission type from the drop down and fill in the first and last name and email address for this user. You may also upload a custom avatar for this user if you desire.

To finish, select create new user.

Batch Uploading Email Users

To batch upload users hover over the blue plus icon until you see the green upload icon.

Once you click on the green upload icon you will be brought to the Batch user import screen.

Click on Download Sample CSV file to download the batch import template.

Open the template in Microsoft Excel and fill in the appropriate columns.

Once you have your completed CSV file, drag and drop it onto the Batch User Import Screen or click the upload icon to search for the CSV file on your computer.

CenarioVR will now process this document and add each of the users.

Activating Users

When a user is created the new user will receive an activation email to activate their account.

This activation email is good for 24 hours.

If the activation is not completed in that 24 hour period the Org Administrator can resend the activation email from the user dashboard by clicking the green resend activation email button. 

This will send a new activation link to the user to complete the activation process.

This article last reviewed March 2021. The software may have changed since the last review.