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Creating and Editing a Quiz Module

Creating and Editing a quiz/survey. Setting up quiz scoring. Quiz/Survey reporting.

On the right hand side of the Content tab you will be able to organize, upload, and edit your media. 

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Quizzing Backend

To add quizzes to your platform click on the "Add new" button. Choose the "Quiz" button from the "Add New" drop down to create a quiz as a module. You will be brought to the quiz details page.



Thumbnail Image: You can upload a thumbnail image from your computer to display on the front end of your platform. The recommended file formats are PNG or JPEG. The recommended thumbnail dimensions are 864 pixels x 486 pixels.


Title: To publish your quiz you must include a title. The title will appear to your users on the front end of your platform.


Scoring: Clicking the "No" button will not score your quiz. This is used for survey purposes.

Clicking the "Yes" button will score your quiz. Once checked, the admin can set two more options: the passing score of the quiz and the number of attempts allowed for a user to try to pass. After the quiz has been published to your course users, scoring will not be able to be removed or added.



To add a presenter, type in the the presenter name you want to add to the module. When you are finished, press enter to confirm the presenter. A box will appear around the new tag. Your users will be able to search by presenter using the search bar on the Users Page.


To add a tag, type in the the tag you want to add to the module. When you are finished, press enter to confirm the tag. A box will appear around the new tag. Your users will be able to search by tags using the search bar on the Users Page. You can also view reporting data on completed modules by tag (See Media Reports).


Learner Groups: Your module must be assigned to a learner group to appear on the User Page of your site. Click in the "Learner Groups" field to display a list of all your available learner groups. You can assign a module to multiple learner groups depending on how you set up your courses (See Learner Groups).


You can choose to add a module description for your users to view on the front end of your platform.


Call to Action Button:

You can add a call to action button in the description of your module. Click the "Yes" button to enable the button. Add the button text, button link, and choose the button color.


To add attachments to your module choose either the "Choose attachment file" or "Add link" buttons. Accepted file formats for attachments are .mp4, .mov, .mp3, PDF, zip, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Publish Information: Click the "Yes" button to publish this module. Click the "No" button to draft this module. Drafted modules will not be viewable to users on the Users Page. You can also choose a date to expire the module. When a module expires, it will become drafted and no longer be viewable to users on the Users Page.


Additional Information: This section can be used to add notes to a module for admin purposes only. These notes will not appear on the Users Page.


Build Quiz: When you have filled out all of the necessary fields, click the “Build Quiz” button. This will open a light box to a quiz builder.

There are three types of questions you can add to a quiz:

  1. Multiple Choice: Trash cans on the right allow admins to delete entries while the “Add Answer Option” button adds additional answers. There is no limit on the number of answers at this time. The radio button on the left selects the correct answer if the quiz is scored.

  2. Rating question: The rating question asks participants to select their answer from a preset rating scale of 1-5.  These questions are not scored even if scoring is selected.

  3. Short Answer Question: Short answer questions ask questions with open-ended answers. Users will be presented with an entry field in which they can enter long-form answers. These questions are not scored even if scoring is selected.


There are three buttons at the bottom:

Discard Quiz Changes: This discards changes on the quiz and returns to the quiz details page.

Close Quiz Builder: This will save the quiz changes locally and return the admin to the quiz details page. Make sure to click the “Update” button to save the changes permanently.

Save and Submit: This will save the quiz changes and the details fields in one step and return you to the list of modules. Select this option if there are no further edits to make to the quiz details.



To edit an existing quiz module, find the module you want to edit in the module list on the right hand side of the content tab. Click on the title of the module and then select the red "Edit" button. You will be able to edit all of the fields mentioned above. The only field that this not editable is the scoring toggle. Once a quiz is published, you can not change this. For example if a quiz id publish with the scoring toggle turned on and a passing score of 75%, you can edit the passing score, but they quiz will always have a score.




When the quiz is selected by the participant, the platform loads a title screen with the quiz title on the top, the thumbnail associated with the module, and a brief summary of the number of questions along with the required percentage score to pass (if scoring was set up prior to publishing).

Upon clicking “Start,” the first quiz slide will appear. In this case, it’s a multiple-choice question:



Clicking the answer will animate the selected answer and then progress to the next question. The navigation only lets users move to slides they have already answered, so from here they can go back to a previous question but not forward. The arrows will be greyed out when they are unavailable.



As users progress through the quiz, their progress is updated to the % of slides they’ve answered. Clicking back will allow users to return to the previous slide and change or review their answer. The arrows will change color according to whether or not they are available to click.



Once all questions have been answered, the “Submit” screen asks if users are ready to submit their answers. Users have the option to review the quiz, which will take them to the first question slide with their answers already selected, or navigate to the next slide by selecting an answer again or clicking the navigation arrows. Clicking the previous arrows allows users to review their answers.

On the final submission slide, users can click the “Submit” button to enter their answers and receive their score.



This slide will show the score and whether a user passed or failed based on the passing score set in the admin section. Users will have the option to retake the quiz which will bring them to the first quiz slide. Clicking the “Go to Next Module” button will take users to the next module in the course.


All quizzes created using the Rockstar Learning Platform quiz builder send reporting data directly to the reporting tab in the Admin of Rockstar Learning Platform. To learn more about quiz reporting you can view the Interactive Reports article.

This article last reviewed June, 2021. The software may have changed since the last review.