Creating and Managing Private Channels

This article will demonstrate how to create and Manage a channel that is only visible to selected users. Only administrators can make a channel private.

June 1, 2022

Creating a Private Channel

  1. Create a New Channel or select an existing channel. See adding a channel for more info.
  2. Click or tap the gear box in the upper-right corner of the page to access the channel settings.
  3. Select Members.
  4. Click or tap the Make this channel private button.
  5. Add members to the list. Members can be added individually or by groups.

Only channel members and Rehearsal administrators will see the channel in their channel list. Private channels are signified by a lock icon to the left of the channel name.

Modifying a Private Channel

To add or remove users, change channel permissions, or to make a private channel public, click the  on the channel. You'll find permissions on the Settings tab, members on the Members tab, and the Deletion tab allows administrators to remove a channel entirely.