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In this video, we're going to take a look at the basic structure of our Branching Email Scenario Captivate template, and how to make simple edits like changing text in the file.

First let's look at the structure.

This is a single-screen template.
Introduction, main email content, and individual feedback blocks are each contained in separate groups.

To edit the content on the left-most buttons, select the button you'd like to change, and access the states view.
A subject line and description copy are editable in each of the states.
You can also edit the icon on each of these states.

The email caption element contains all scenario content for all emails.
Use the states view to edit content for each.

Buttons for the selections a user makes after reading an email are contained in the button_group group.
We use these two buttons for all email content - check the advanced actions for some detail on the logic.
Edit these buttons as you would any other shape in Captivate - use the properties pane's style tab for color and font changes.
Note that each button has multiple states.

Feedback for each selection can be accessed and edited in the feedback_group group.
To edit the content here, select the feedback_caption object, and access the states view.
All content here can be edited through the style pane.

This article last reviewed July, 2019. The software may have changed since the last review.