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Track which Content Learners have Completed with Enrollment Completion Reports

Enrollment completion report: summary of learners’ course completion. Learner’s last login, numbers of logins, office and enterprise, enrollment status, learner groups, when learners were enrolled, and who enrolled them. Export Report

March 28, 2022


Enrollment Completion Report

The Enrollment Completion Report can be found in the “Reports” tab of the Admin Portal. This report provides information on learners and their assigned courses. This report displays information using two sections: General Overview and Details Overview. 

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General Overview Section

The overview provides a quick look at each learners’

  • Name
  • Enrolled courses
  • Progress through the course
  • Last login to the platform
  • Number of times they have logged in to the platform 
  • Enrollment status

Note: Only learners that have been enrolled in a course will appear in the Enrollment Completion Report.


Filtering: Admins can filter this report by “Active” or “Inactive” enrollment status. This is most often used to generate reports that only display current learners. 

Sorting: This table can be sorted in ascending or descending order based on a column category by selecting that column’s header.

Searching: The search bar at the top of the table can search for a specific course or learner in the list. A minimum of 3 letters are needed to use the search.  



Exporting: As with all of the Rockstar Learning Platform's reports, admins can export the Enrollment Completion Report. This exported report will provide additional details to the ones in the in-platform display:

To export this report as an Excel file, select “Export to File”. In the window that appears, choose whether to email the report to the current administrator or to a separate email address. Select “Request Report” to send the report.

Note: It may take a few minutes for the report to appear in the selected inbox. 


EnrollmentCompletionReport_Export Report


Details Overview Section

The Details Overview section of the Enrollment Completion report displays a module-by-module view of the learner’s activity. It includes: 

  • Learner’s Name
  • Date Enrolled
  • Course’s Due Date
  • Course’s Completion Date
  • Last Login
  • Total Logins
  • Progress through the course by percent complete and number of modules completed
  • Learners’ current progress through the modules
  • The score for any modules in the course that are scored

To view additional details about an entry in the Enrollment Completion Report without exporting the report, select a row in the table.

Note: If you wish to print the Details Overview Section, toggle on “Print Mode” at the top right of the report.