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eSign a Quote from ELB Learning

Steps to resolve expired tokens that may occur with eSign documents.

The verification token used in the email link sent to you can expire if the signature is not completed in the same session or within 1 hour. When the link is re-clicked it is trying to use that expired token.  Here are a few steps that can help you reset and complete the signing process:
    1. Get a new verification link
      1. Go back to the quote from the initial email and click the "verify to sign" button next to their email. Then complete the process of signing the quote and make sure you see the screen that says "thank you for submitting your document"
    2. Try opening the quote link in Incognito Mode.
      1. In the email, right click on the link and select to Copy Link Address (or click to open in browser, then copy the address from the address bar on top).
      2. In your browser, open a new window in Private, InPrivate, or Incognito mode.
      3. Paste the address and press Return key.
    3. Clear cache and Cookies from Browser
      • Windows: Ctrl-Shift-Del
      • Mac: Safari - Cmd-Option(Alt)-E ; Chrome - Shift-CMD-Del
    4. Ask your Account Executive to send it again so that all of the links are fresh.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to email your Account Executive or