File Management with Lectora

File Management with Lectora

Software applications like Lectora or Photoshop, have both resource files and completed projects, which often makes file storage a bit tricky.  To help you decide, here are the type of files involved, and some suggestions.

Lectora source files - On the file system in a project folder will be a main file with extension .awt, along with sub folders for used resources such as \images \media etc.  

Lectora published files - This will be a set of HTML or .exe or SCORM files that are the final versions that are typically made accessible to a learner on a website or LMS.  

For source files, once the project is complete and final version is published, there is no further need of this project, unless edits are expected.  We never recommend deleting the source files, of course.  Use the Lectora tool to Export the project to a zip file.  The zip file can be stored on a network drive or other location.  When needed, use the Lectora Import tool to open it for editing.  After edits and republishing of the completed project, Export again, saving the .zip file for later use.  Once the exported source files are saved elsewhere and the published content is delivered, the project file may be removed.

Tip: Name the exported file with project name, plus word 'source'.

The Published content (SCORM, HTML, .exe, etc) will also be in the project folder in sub folders typically named \scorm or \html.  These files are typically delivered to the site manager.  Once delivered, you will not need these on the development system.  These are created with each publish.

Ultimately, save the 2 relevant files for each project in any desired location.  

\projects \projectA

This article last reviewed Dec, 2015. The software may have changed since the last review. Please visit our Release Notes to learn more about version updates.