Storyline Styles

Folder Tabs

***All template files are tested using modern browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox. We do not support or test using Internet Explorer.***

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In this video, we're going to take a look at the structure of our Folder Tabs Storyline template, and how to make a few edits to the file.

This is a single-slide template. It's fairly straightforward, development-wise. That makes it very easy to edit.

On the base layer, we have 4 tabs, and a few color and text blocks. If you want to change the color or text of a folder element, do it here. Select the element and change away! Color, stroke, style—go for it. Same thing for the instructions text, intro content, and header.

When the user selects a tab, a corresponding layer with new content appears. These are labeled Content 1 – 4 in the layers pane. Navigate to these layers and edit content as desired. Right-click to change images or delete and add new.

All text is set in text boxes.

The number of tabs can be controlled using the Triggers pane. At the top, adjust a variable called NumOfTabs_ as desired.