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Getting Started: Captivate 9 Drag & Drop Interactions

2 Major ways to Change Colors:

1. Changing Theme Colors

In Captivate 9, you can change colors through theme colors. Just go to:

    1. Themes (upper left)
    2. Select Theme Color
    3. Select Customize.

That will open a dialog of your “Theme Colors.” If you change a color all objects using that color will also be changed. Like for example the buttons, they use the Theme color labeled skin 2. If you change the yellow in “Skin 2” all the buttons will change their color to that newly selected color.

2. Changing Style Colors

In Captivate 9, you can change colors through the style of the object by:

    1. Select an object on the stage (ex. Buttons)
    2. Select properties
    3. Select the Style Tab and

Once you get to this point make your changes to the fill, stroke, or text color of the buttons. Then after modifying the style of the button, go ahead and click save changes to existing style. This will apply the modified style of your buttons or any objects that has the same style name.

Changing The Content:

The Content also contains different state views. It contains Normal view, dropCorrect and dropIncorrect views. Go through each state and enter your desired content text. Normal view is for your Question for example, dropCorrect view is the content text if you drop the correct answer, and dropIncorrect view is the content text if you drop the wrong answer. You can also modify the font size, color, margins, add images, more text fields, shapes, and etc. to each view.

How to Set Correct Answer:

In order for you to set the correct answer for each drop target, go to:

    1. Drag and Drop Tab
    2. Options
    3. Set Correct Answers.

A window will pop up, where you can set your correct answer.

This article last reviewed Feb, 2020. The software may have changed since the last review.