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Getting Started: Captivate 9 Player Skins

Learn how to use our Adobe Captivate Player Skins.

Inserting player into new project

  1. Copy the FIRST slide of the template skin.
  2. Paste it into your project and make it as the FIRST slide.


Locking the next button (optional)

On each slide there will be a need to have an advanced action “On Enter”. The first and last slides are already done for you “player_firstPage” & “player_lastPage”. All the pages in between will require its own “Advanced Action”. Best practice is to make a “player_OnEnter” action for every slide, even for slides that I will not use it such as the first and last slides.

  1. Press shift+F9 (opening your “Advanced Actions” window)
  2. Go to “Existing Actions” dropdown menu on the right
  3. Select the action “player_OnEnter_s01” (the s01 stand for slide 1)
  4. Duplicate the action by selecting the icon at the top right
  5. Rename the duplicated action “player_OnEnter_s02”
  6. Replace s01 with s02 in two spots:
    • In the if statement
    • And in the else statement
  7. Repeat steps 4 – 6 incrementing s01 by 1 every time for however many slides you have.
  8. Apply the advanced action “player_OnEnter_s02” to slide 2, “player_OnEnter_s03” to slide 3, and so forth. To do this, select the slide and click the Actions tab. On the On Enter dropdown menu, Select Advance action, then select the “player_OnEnter_s02” to slide 2, “player_OnEnter_s03” and so on.
  9. On the first slide select the player bar.
    • Go to the timing tab
    • Set it to show for “rest of slide” rather than “rest of project.”
  10. Go to the second slide of the template and copy the player bar and the next button.
  11. Paste those two items on each slide.
  12. Have the new next button to only show at the end of each slide, in the timeline.


Using the Submit button (optional)

When you want the submit button rather than the next button, use the “player_showSubmit” rather than a “player_OnEnter” action. Currently the submit button just has a “Go to Next slide” action applied to it. You can customize that action to whatever you want or have the next slide perform the submit function.

You could also cut/copy the submit button from the first slide and place it where you need a specific action. If you do it this way you will have to:

  1. Select the submit button
  2. Go to the “Timing” tab
  3. Select “rest of slide” rather than “rest of project”
  4. On the slides you paste the submit button into, use the action “player_lastPage” when on enter. This will hide the next button.

Click here to download the captivate cptx demo.

This article last reviewed Feb, 2020. The software may have changed since the last review.