Interactions and Scenarios

Getting Started with Storyline Drag and Drop Templates


In order to change or edit the text fields, just simply click the desired text or shape to edit text of your drag and drop quiz.

Note: Go to Correct and Incorrect Layer to edit the text of the correct and incorrect text of the Drag and Drop Quiz if applicable.



Text color: Select the text and click the small icon color then choose a color you want.

Shape color: Select a shape, then right click and select ‘format shape’ and click the color icon to change the shape color. If you want to add stroke on your shape, just select the Line Color Tab (under Fill Tab) and choose ‘Solid line’ or you can have ‘Gradient line’ for gradient colors.


Change an image: Select the image, right click on it and select ‘Change Picture…’ to change the image.

Add an image: Select the INSERT Tab, then click the Picture icon to add your own image.


In order to set the Correct Answers of the Drag and Drop Quiz, you have to click the ‘Form View’ then it displays a pop up box where you can set the correct answers of the draggers. The Left Column is the Dragger and the other side is the Drop Target of the Dragger which is the correct Answer.

This is the other way on how you can set the correct answers especially for those Drag and Drop Quizzes that don’t have a specific Drop Target (correct answer). This way, your Dragger can have multiple Drop Targets unlike the first one, it uses the ‘form view’ because the answer or the drop target is specific.

In order for you to set the correct answers of the Dragger, first you have to select the Dragger, then double click the first trigger of the selected object and it displays a pop up box where you can select which dropzone your Dragger is allowed to drop or serves as its correct answers.


Select Shuffle Answers to place your answers randomly when publish, otherwise none.

Drag and Drop Options

Go to ‘Design’ tab and click the Drag & Drop Options to set D&D Options of your Drag and Drop Quiz.

  1. Return item to start point if dropped outside.
    • This means that if you dropped your Dragger outside of the drop target, it goes back to its original position.
  2. Snap dropped items to drop target – Snap to Center
    • This means that the Dragger will be dropped at the center of the drop target.
  3. Allow only one item in each drop target
    • Enabling this option will allow you to have only one Dragger to each drop target or else it goes back to its original position when dropped.