How To Create a Microlearning Module in MicroBuilder

The basics for getting started in MicroBuilder.


To create a new module, select New Module in the top right corner of the MicroBuilder dashboard.

The MicroBuilder editor will open with the following sample blocks: page title, page description, section header, body text, and an image.

The new microlearning module will open with a default template.  Each microlearning module is required to have a Page Title.  The rest of the module is customizable by selecting one or more of the available block types.  

Page Title: (required)
Update the Page Title and description block by clicking on and then typing in those fields.

Select the icons from the palette to add content to your module.

  • Text: You can use this to add text to your microlearning module.  
  • Image: Add an image by uploading a file, directly from the device camera, or by using the Library option. The Library option is connected directly to our Asset Library; making it easy to find the perfect image for your microlearning module.
  • Video: Add a video by uploading a file, directly from the device camera, or add a YouTube video.  Closed captioning will be automatically available to the learner.
  • Game: Add an interactive game from The Training Arcade™. 
  • Arcade: Add your Arcade learning experience platform from The Training Arcade™.
  • Question: Choose from 3 different question types. Multiple choice, Multiple select, and Short answer.  
  • VR: Add your own Virtual Reality content from CenarioVR by uploading an HTML5 publish of the scenario

You can add as many text, image, video, game, arcade, or question blocks to your content as you would like by clicking on the "+" icon between blocks or choosing a block type at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to edit, delete, or move a section, click to select the block to enable these options. Select the up or down to rearrange the sections. Click the trashcan icon to delete a section. To edit a text block, click the existing text with your cursor.

Theme Drop Down:

You can choose your theme by clicking on the drop-down in the property panel.  This will change the colors, background, and fonts of your module.


If you would like to use the Microlearning Module currently being edited as a starting point for future pages, mark the check box to 'Start with this page as template'. 


When you are done creating or editing your module, click on the "Publish" button in the upper right-hand corner. At the top of the page and when you return to the dashboard you will see the options to download the published file in the available formats.

These are hosted formats of SCORM and xAPI. This allows your content to remain in MicroBuilder while also being viewable within your LMS. With the content hosted on MicroBuilder whenever you Publish an update it will update the module wherever within your LMS or wherever else the published container may be housed.

Tip: All edits are automatically saved, but will not be live until Published.