PPT Template Library

How to Get Started Using PowerPoint Styles

In this How To, you will learn: Where to download PowerPoint template files from the Asset Library and how to combine them to create a final project. Starting with a Layouts file as your base, you’ll learn how to copy and paste Master Slide content and design assets from other templates to your Layouts file (e.g., interactions, scenarios, click-to-reveals, dashboards, charts, etc.).

  1. Pick a style from the PowerPoint Library.

  2. Download the files you want to use.
    We recommend starting with a Layouts file as your base and adding other files as needed to complete your presentation.

  3. Click the download button.
  4. Open the file in PowerPoint.

    Now that the file is open in PowerPoint you can add other files to this presentation as needed by opening those files, selecting the slides, and copying/pasting those slides into the layouts file.
  5. Open another file and copy the slide(s) that you want to add to your presentation.


    PowerPoint allows you to open multiple files at the same time so you can copy and paste slides from one file to another. To copy a slide select the slide and right click to open the options menu and select “Copy”. (You can also press “Command + C” on a Mac or “Control + C” on a PC.)
  6. Paste copied slide into Layouts file.


    To paste slides select a slide and right click to open the options menu and select “Paste”. (You can also press “Command + V” on a Mac or “Control + V” on a PC.) Your slide will paste below the selected slide. Once your file is pasted, it can be moved to change the slide order by clicking and dragging it up or down in the thumbnail list on the left.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Powerpoint will automatically change the theme of the slide that you paste into your file so you don’t have to go in and assign presentation themes and styles after pasting a slide from a different file.
  7. You can follow the same steps to copy other interaction slides and paste them into the layout file.


    Pro Tip: You can select multiple slides and copy/paste all of the selected slides to a different file. No need to copy each slide one-by-one.

    1. PowerPoint will automatically copy over master slides when you copy a slide from one file to another. When you have all of the slides you need to complete your presentation you can start adding your content.
    2. Changing text content in these PowerPoint files is simple. In normal view, click each text box and change the placeholder text to your own text.
    3. To change placeholder images, enter the master slides view. To access master slides:
      1. Navigate to the View tab and click on “Slide Master”
      2. OR hold Shift and click on the Normal slide view icon (for PC) or Option + ⌘ + 1 (for Mac)

    4. Inside the master slide view you can select images and delete them by pressing the delete button on the keyboard. You can add a new image by dropping the image into your file from your computer.
    5. You can also make changes to the theme colors, theme fonts, create your own theme color pallet, and much more! For more information on that process follow these steps here »
  8. When you finish adding your content make sure you save your file.
Repeat the steps above until your presentation is complete.

    Pro Tip: Go back through your course/presentation in “presentation mode” to check that all your slides are in order and all of the content that you added is showing up properly.