Promoting a Response to the Leaderboard

In this article, you will learn how to promote a response to the leaderboard. 

June 1, 2022

Watch this short video on how to promote something to the Leaderboard. 



 How to Promote a Response to the Leaderboard

Start by going to the Review tab and viewing the Student Response in a conversation thread.  To promote:

  1. Click on the trophy to promote the response to the leaderboard. The response will be visible to any User assigned to the same role-play scenario.
  2. Add any text feedback to include, then click on Send to Leaderboard.
  3. Only the video submission and text note here will be visible on the leaderboard. Feedback or Grading are never shared. 

  • Notice above that you can either Send to the Leaderboard or Request Permission From Student to share.

Administrator Note: There is an option under the Settings to make Request Permission From Student a required step. 

  • When you ask permission from a student to promote their response to the leaderboard - it will look something like this. 

  • The Student will receive an email for the request asking them to approve or deny. 
  • If the Student denies it, you will receive an email letting you know that they denied having their submission on the leaderboard. 

Note: As a mentor, manager, or Administrator the only way to view leaderboard submissions for an Assignment is to be a learner in the Assignment.  To find Leaderboard submission, filter your view on the Review tab