Prompting for a New Response

In this article, you will learn how to prompt a Student for a follow-up response. 

Watch this short video on how to prompt for a new response.



Prompt a Follow-Up Response


  • Click the Review tab on the Administrative side of Rehearsal to view Student submissions.
  • Locate the Student Response that you would like to view. You may use the drop-down menus to filter your search, as well as search for Student by email. Click the response you would like to view to open the conversation thread

1. Click play on the Student response to watch and review.

2. When finished, click on Prompt for New Response.

3.  Record or Upload your feedback and coaching to the Student’s response. Add additional feedback by clicking on Edit Text.

4. Click Publish when complete.

 Note:  Failure to click on Publish will leave the conversation open.  When you leave the conversation you will receive an error message if you didn't publish.