Providing Timeline Based Feedback

In this article, you will learn how to provide Timeline Based Feedback to a Student's response. 

Note:  Please remember that commenting on a Student response does not move the conversation forward nor does it send an email to the Student.

Timeline Based Feedback allows you to associate feedback at specific points of a Learner's submission. 

Watch this short video on how to leave Timeline Based Feedback. 




1. Pause the Learner's video at the time you'd like to provide feedback.

2. Click on Leave a Comment

3. Check the box that says Associate this comment with a specific time in the Learner's video.

4. Provide video and/or text feedback.

5. When finished, click Publish.

Continue this process as needed throughout the Learner's submission to provide feedback at specific points within their video.

Note:  Failure to Publish the comment will mean the Student will not see your feedback in the Conversation Thread.