View Intelligent Journey Responses

In this article, you will learn how to provide feedback to a Student's response when they've been participating in an Intelligent Journey

June 1, 2022

Note:  Please remember that commenting on a Student response does not generate an email to the Student - so let them now you've been checking out their responses.

Watch this short video on mentoring an Intelligent Journey



How do I know when someone has participated in an Intelligent Journey? 

  • When you are on the Review tab and looking at specific Student submissions, you might see submissions for scenarios where you didn't provide any feedback yet the scenario is showing complete.  You will most likely see a green dot, red dot, and a green checkmark in the Mentor view. 

In these scenarios, you will see you are not able to Prompt for Response or Submit Final Review and the only action you can take is to Comment.   Let's look at the different Intelligent Journey scenarios you might encounter. 

  • Self Graded
  • Auto Complete
  • Text Analysis

Self Graded

In this scenario, Students Self- Graded their submission based on the scoring criteria of the scenario.  You can leave comments on their submission and their grading and add this response to the Leaderboard. 

Auto Complete

In this scenario, once a Student responds to the scenario they are automatically marked complete.  You can leave comments on their submission and add this response to the Leaderboard 

Text Analysis

In this scenario, you might actually see a combination of red and green dots in your view as the Student practices their response until they pass.   

Once you click into the conversation you will be able to see how the Student did with their submission

In this example, the scenario required that certain keywords be mentioned in the Student response.  Since the Student didn't mention 10 keywords, they were prompted to try again.  From here you can play their response as well as view a written transcript by clicking on the View Transcript link.  In another response, you can see that the student mentioned all 10 keywords and passed the scenario.

Again, when you review their submissions you can leave comments and add the response to the Leaderboard.  

Note:  You may also see times where a combination of Text Analysis and Self Graded might be used together.  You will still have the opportunity to leave comments and add responses to the leaderboard. 


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