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Issues uploading to SuccessFactors LMS SCORM packages created in Lectora version 19 or earlier

When uploading a SCORM course to SuccessFactors LMS you might receive errors or the course upload does not complete.

SuccessFactors update version b2011 unconditionally bans all files with the following extensions: *.exe; *.php5; *.pht; *.phtml; *.shtml; *.asa; *.asp; *.cer; *.asax; *.xap; regardless of the usefulness of the files.

One error message from SuccessFactors you might see is: Imported zip does not have valid content files.

The upload to SuccessFactors most likely is failing due to an XAP file Lectora version 19 includes to help old browsers, silverlightmediaelement.xap.  This file is not included in courses published with Lectora versin 21.

The silverlightmediaelement.xap is one of the browser helpers we've included for years, along with flash elements, to support old browsers that had trouble supporting HTML5 audio and video players. While Lectora allows you to turn off the delivery of the flash player, we don't have that functionality built into Lectora for the silverlight file at the moment. However, Lectora users can remove the file from the published package if they don't want it in their course and get past the blocking by SuccessFactors. This issue was addressed in version 21 of Lectora released in 2021.

You can remove this file from the published course and have confirmed with other SuccessFactors customers that this work around works. There is currently no way to configure Lectora to not include this xap file, but again, it will be removed in a future release expected in the near future.

The other workaround might be to configure your SuccessFactors account to undo this component of their update release b2011. The notes we received about this SuccessFactors change said: "The b2011 release added a new entry in the Content _Import configuration that specifies a set of unsupported files extensions." The list is: "The file extensions included by default are: *.exe;*.php5;*.pht;*.phtml;*.shtml;*.asa;*.asp;*.cer;*.asax;*.xap;"

A question for your LMS admin or SuccessFactors support team:

Q. Would it be possible to remove this new addition of *.xap from the Content_Import configuration until we have proved a fix for this SuccessFactors issue?

Error Messages from SuccessFactors:

Imported zip does not have valid content files.


This article last reviewed September 2021. The software may have changed since the last review.