Lectora 21 currently has the following known issues:

All issues are current as of 5/18/2021

Please see the Release Notes for the most recent version.


LD-0623 Print Current Page action will only print one page in Firefox
LD-1898 Actions tied to event flags at the end of audio/video do not fire
LD-3244 m4a Does not play in Awesomium (RUN MODE/PREVIEW)
LD-4487 "Set character pose actions change your character if you used the properties to select a new one.
Workaround: reselect the New Pose for the action"
LD-5633 Print Action doesn't bring up Print Dialog in Firefox


LD-6872 If a button sets itself to Disable, NVDA reads “unavailable”
LD-6889  WCAG title, cannot use keyboard to fire actions on shapes without JAWS
LD-7096 JAWS does not read initially hidden text that is shown through the timeline / on show action with delay


LD-0247 Text that contains certain characters within it displays in the Question Creator, but will not display on the page in Edit mode or when published.  Example: làm displays as lam.
LD-1091 Portuguese audio does not function in run or preview mode
LD-1926 When Publishing to Offline in zipped mode the replace icon option doesn't work
LD-1932 Variable names allow special characters which causes JavaScripts when run on a browser
LD-2265 Pages with lots of text render slowly in build view
LD-3447 Text alignment doesn't always import from PPT
LD-3544 Maximize on a system with two monitor with different resolution does not fit screen
LD-4534 When Publish for Seamless Play is used, some scripts which count individual page visits are incorrectly incrementing
LD-5385 Bug in export/import of pkg file when special characters in textblock
LD-6375 Error message when clicking hyperlinks for pop-ups when published to AICC
LD-6382 Projects imported from LO may need to have text blocks with list items re-formatted.

Forms/Form Objects

LD-1956 Fade transition on form objects causes objects to never display


HTML5 A/V Player When the video is viewed full-screen on iOS devices the device's default skin is used. Lectora does not have control.
LD-0923 Table-of-Contents Progress Bar with test section scope always stays blank if any pages are excluded
LD-1722 In lower views with an image and text block, with text wrapping, turned on, the text block is not growing as it should when the text block is full
LD-1957 Float Up/Down with Sudden/Steady In Effect, on shapes and images with reflections, shifts the object
LD-2360 TOC does not resize correctly when a resize action is used.
LD-2378 With text scaling applied, while editing a text block scale shows 100% size
LD-2385 TOC Menu won't change pages if menu has a transition and the title has a chapter


Likert Question Existing Likert questions saved within library objects or imported from package files will not be converted to single question format. 


LD-5629 Multiple AU titles published to ReviewLink will always open the first AU
This article last reviewed May 2021. The software may have changed since the last review. Please visit our Release Notes to learn more about version updates.