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Lectora Desktop 17

Released on:
December 9, 2016

Sub Version:
Lectora Inspire 17.0 (10885)
Lectora Publisher 17.0 (10884)

New features:
The primary new features in Lectora 17 are:
Seamless Play publish option: When this option is selected on the HTML Options tab during publishing, your title will smoothly flow from page to page, eliminating the screen wipe commonly associated with HTML pages.
Auto-play media on mobile devices: When publishing using the Seamless Play option, media files will honor the Auto-Start selection on mobile devices, allowing simplified use of page narration and videos.
BranchTrack scenario-based simulations: Easily create, import, and edit scenario-based exercises using the BranchTrack application. Track the learner’s selections during the exercise and use the available score.
Anchor the position of your objects: Specify whether the object will maintain its location on the page within the view, even when the view is scrolled.
SVG rendering of shapes and buttons: Using scalable vector graphics technology, published content will remain crisp and scalable on high-resolution displays.
Camtasia 9
Snagit 13
For full details on the new features of Lectora 17 please see the New Features page.

LD-0313 Page transitions not working properly
LD-0904 Chinese – Current Date is shown in English
LD-1693 New Closed captioning: captions don’t show when previewed locally
LD-1874 Including a TitleMgr Frame causes Chrome Security JS Errors when run locally.
LD-2303 Import page under file tab cuts off text
LD-2371 RCD: Cannot copy content after publishing when protect content not selected
LD-2486 Scroll Bar Displays at Bottom of Pages For RCD Titles When Viewed in Portrait Phone View
LD-2743 Dictionay not saving entry
LD-2782 You cannot see the selected items on the Audio/Video controller when tabbed and controlled by the keyboard
LD-3154 Scroll To location on page doesn’t work for buttons as the target
LD-3192 Preloading GIFs doesn’t work
LD-3538 Menu Creator Not Greyed out when menus multi selected
LD-3852 iOS only – When rotating from portrait to landscape the page shifts down
LD-3900 Crash on PowerPoint import that has shapes with reflections
LD-3924 Crash when ‘add page’ is added to top ribbon and clicked
LD-3966 SCORM Manifest: Incorrect path delimiter on media player entries. Uses a “” instead of a “/”.
LD-3967 Trivantis-text.js and Trivantis-media.js are in the scorm package but not listed in the manifest.
LD-3974 Crash in customer title with Chinese characters
LD-3987 Some buttons and shapes do not scale correctly in PhoneLandscape when published
LD-3992 Change the help description for short answer/essay questions to include correct character limit
LD-4005 Mobile text view not sizing correctly on iPhone running iOS 9.3.3
LD-4020 Customer Crash with Spellcheck
LD-4026 Images are tab-able when web accessibility option is turned on
LD-4173 Star with IOS version 9.3.2 rotating from portrait to landscapes zooms into the page
LD-4183 Customer Crash when navigating title manager
LD-4227 Customer Crash when resizing objects
LD-4268 Customer Crash when adding media from side dialog
LD-4294 Incorrect text in the Lectora Information Center
LD-4366 Customer Crash when previewing title with audio / video
LD-4382 Error in spanish version Current Date
LD-4787 Background sound using .WMA causing Lectora crash
LD-4830 Powerpoint import crashing with shapes

LD-0201 Publish replace Apostrophe with Quotation mark
LD-0363 Images lose quality when used as buttons
LD-0462 Transparent buttons flash blue when shown on page
LD-0689 Custom radio buttons alternate states when clicked
LD-0695 iOS updated player UI
LD-0899 Numbered lists with font size 12+ get pushed out of the text box
LD-1920 TOC empty when using publish preview
LD-2357 Copying status indicator issue
LD-2459 Streaming video play/pause are backwards in run mode
LD-2911 Dynamic text is creating a unique entry for inherited dynamic text blocks
LD-3313 When a timer is in a Group it is not honoring Initially Hidden property of the Group
LD-3429 Captions in audio go above the allotted space for some controllers
LD-3445 Buttons that should not show are showing the name in text in FF and Chrome
LD-3470 Video rollover controls functionality is not correct
LD-3684 Circle Buttons Clipped when rendered to image at publish
LD-3711 Full screen video on Android device causes issues on scrolling pages
LD-3740 Streaming video controller always reverts back to standard controller
LD-3743 Bullets: First line after a bulleted list loses paragraph formatting
LD-3749 Results Designer not maintaining settings from Lectora export PKG to Lectora Online import
LD-3861 Transparent progress bar with no border has borders on left and top
LD-3916 Audio recorded using the Lectora audio editor in 16.1.2 causes errors in 16.2
LD-3939 PNG used as audio controller creates single black pixel on page
LD-3955 Entry fields do not retain their size in RCD titles
LD-3978 / LD-3761 Status indicators will show as completed when device is rotated
LD-4021 Tree View or Indented List TOC causes JavaScript error in IE8
LD-4057 Audio icon within a group set to Initially Hidden still appears
LD-4090 Video – Hiding video does not hide controller when it is set to rollover
LD-4093 Customer Crash when editing object names
LD-4121 Customer Crash when selecting custom audio skin
LD-4185 IE8 Button image fails to load initially if the button has a shadow and there is a text block on the page
LD-4198 Reset to original not working correctly for large images and videos
LD-4362 Reflections on images cause page not to load in IE9

LD-2031 Exit action, at the title level, does not work on pages after the 1st page on publish
LD-2349 Actions Set for Some Flash Activities Do Not Display Results in ‘Preview in Browser’ Mode
LD-2417 Device rotation trigger does not toggle show/hide in non-rcd title.
LD-3522 Change contents action with audio causing error
LD-4170 Action to toggle or play audio causes on done actions to trigger twice on iOS device
LD-4478 Using multiple move actions within hyperlinks cause actions to not fire correctly
LD-4622 Modify Variable Set as Empty action holding value as ~~~null~~~, not blank

LD-0881 Test navigational buttons overlap.
LD-2289 Regression: Likert question previews are not all legible/visible
LD-3193 When running Accessibility Check it shows that Rank/Sequence is not keyboard accessible
LD-3246 Test doesn’t process if number entry answer is 0 at end of test
LD-3727 Drag and drop questions causing JavaScript error in Chrome and Firefox
LD-3728 Question radio buttons and check boxes allow users to add a label
LD-3757 Matching and Drag n Drop question interactions cause error when not answered
LD-3849 Randomize Choices does not randomize multiple choice questions
LD-3862 Test Results Checkmark Button Missing Action for Converted Titles
LD-3887 Likert writing results to Google Docs differently than previous and LO
LD-3889 Displaying test results causes question interactions to be sent twice to LMS
LD-4058 CSV import: Apostrophes not importing properly
LD-4062 Extra commas Imported with CSV file
LD-4160 Apostrophes in rank/sequence answers allows same number to be selected more than once
LD-4191 Test Results not importing correctly from LO
LD-4213 Radio and Check boxes outside default causing blank pages
LD-4281 Vertical scrollbar option not functioning on test results page
LD-4381 xAPI output forcing mastery score to 75
LD-4620 Multiple Response question with Change Contents action returning “Not working” alert message
LD-4623 / LD-4281 Vertical Scroll not working on test results page on IE11 and Edge
LD-4640 Process test action not firing in run mode when using a test timer
LD-4697 Showing Test Results in Preview on a test with a test timer gives error

LD-1372 Button Objects shifting when published
LD-2315 SCORM 2004 publish refers to SCORM 1.2 variable (cmi.core.student_name)
LD-4139 / LD-4147 Command line publishing no longer works
LD-4309 Customer Crash when publishing title with web windows
LD-4809 Object placed off page can be tabbed to in published content
LD-4826 Streaming videos with “” were not loading when published

Lectora Desktop 17.1.1

Released on:
December 21, 2017

Sub Version:
Lectora Inspire 17.1.1 (11225)
Lectora Publisher 17.1.1 (11224)

New Features:
The primary new features of Lectora Desktop 17.1.1 are the following:

Introduction of the eLearning Brothers Stock Asset Library, replacing the Interaction Builder (Inspire only)
Addition of cmi5 as a publishing option
Improvements to xAPI support to meet cmi5 standards
Enhancement to FTP publish settings to enable saving of FTP profiles
Implemented new framework to improve Run and Preview Mode, and Publish Offline
Allowing users to convert all media types to MP3/MP4
Adding audio/video events and syncing to actions can now be completed in one dialog
Expanded xAPI publish option by adding ‘Track Course Progress’
New HTML publish option to disable browser resize of published content
New publish option to scale content to fill the browser window

LD-6083: Crash with step progress action with no corresponding targeted progress bar
LD-6033: Publishing title with audio resource removed was causing Lectora to crash
LD-6032: Crash when importing radio groups from a package
LD-6028: xAPI/cmi5 title tracking progress were not correctly reporting with multiple AUs/Chapters/Tests
LD-6010: Redirect for the Video Tutorial button from ‘Getting Started’ was not updated
LD-5991: Youtube videos show ‘recommended videos’ when content was paused as well as at the completion of a video.
LD-5976: Issues with Spacebar, tab button and Video Playback
LD-5958: Unable to copy text from a single file executable published title
LD-5915: Seamless Publishing had broken tracking behavior
LD-5912: BranchTrack – initial value should not be “0” if scene information score was undefined or null
LD-5908: Importing package lost set state disabled actions
LD-5901: BranchTrack – Reset BT action should also reset Path variable
LD-5899: Feedback triggering only for number entry type questions
LD-5889: Test Results with Vertical Scroll Option was only printing visible questions
LD-5888: AICC published content not was retaining variables between sessions
LD-5877: BranchTrack – Issues with multiple objects of the same simulation
LD-5876: Multiple BranchTrack Scenarios on one page, going through one scenario was updating all of the variables related to all the BranchTrack objects
LD-5874: ‘Fit all on one page’ setting-options remained enabled after publishing again with different settings.
LD-5871: SPP was breaking OnPageShow, Play Audio
LD-5858: Foreign install, click on File, got a message and then Lectora closed
LD-5853: Default audio player controls had tabindex=0
LD-5835: When trying to convert WMV to MP4 from Properties closed Lectora
LD-5827: SPP had limited debug window data to current page
LD-5826: SPP was breaking the variables debugger window
LD-5819: ‘Set Reading Order to Last’ was not being honored
LD-5817: Tabindex was starting at “0” instead of “1”
LD-5798: Multiple choice feedback tab not properly displaying By Choice options when only two choices exist
LD-5734: Autostart on iPhone was not starting when the user paged back to it
LD-5688: BranchTrack files that contained audio was not playing in Preview or EXE published courses
LD-5678: Non-click play actions in SPP did not trigger the playing of audio or video files on iOS devices
LD-5666: Test results were not printing correctly from IE11 and FireFox
LD-5632: Two pages loading at once with SPP
LD-5628: Audio did not play in run mode
LD-5625: Values for storing gradient and shadows corrupted in foreign installs
LD-5621: xAPI/cmi5 titles with multiple AUs were being marked as passed if the first AU’s mastery score was met
LD-5562: Captions on autostart media in SPP mobile did not stick to the selection
LD-5525: Deleting the last page beneath hidden title objects left the hidden group selected
LD-5499: Page that has background sound did not play on mobile
LD-5498: Media that was a target of an OnDone action from another media did not play on mobile
LD-5497: Target of an event from another media did not play on mobile
LD-5496: Target of a play action with a delay greater than 1 second did not play on mobile
LD-5445: Anchored audio was not staying on top of objects when viewed on iPad
LD-5313: SPP title in xAPI closed when paging forward
LD-5290: Video/Audio files with long times caused controllers to wrap
LD-5214: Videos stopped loading on iOS with seamless enabled
LD-5069: Was not converting FLV to MP4 on publish
LD-4974: Audio events did not trigger on iPhone devices when using seamless play
LD-4971: Video controllers showed up in iOS even when the controller was set to none
LD-4963: M4A Files did not play in Run/Preview
LD-4954: Memory Leak: Text Button loading was causing text objects to be created and leaked
LD-4879: Shadows were clipping buttons, images and shapes
LD-4948: Video was not clearing when going to next page in Seamless
LD-4946: Menu object top-level menu image was being used for sub-level menu
LD-4934: Copy/Paste was not working in Inspire Tools tab
LD-4889: SPP: Resize action on page showed positioned incorrectly
LD-4832: Rotate device in ReviewLink caused zoom in iOS
LD-4811: GoTo large page (different page) targeting bottom was not working in run view or preview mode
LD-4757: BranchTrack variable name changes incorrectly when edited
LD-4756: Was not able to paste into BranchTrack
LD-4625: Offline published content was not printing entire test results page
LD-4440: RCD – Text wrapping was not previewing correctly
LD-4262: Transparent Background for Drop List was not transparent in Run View and Preview
LD-4118: Like Button had a UI/UX error
LD-4087: Inserted audio files were a shorter length playing in Run Mode
LD-4067: WAV file caused JavaScript error in IE
LD-4056: Audio and Video controllers were not appearing correctly in Run and Preview modes
LD-3919: Question feedback to play audio won’t allows to change page; Run Mode
LD-3898: Text blocks with a single line on desktop will show as single line on other views when they should be multiline
LD-3730: Keystroke actions using F6 as a trigger button did fire when published to EXE
LD-3486: Print Certificate was printing on multiple pages
LD-3299: Test results scroll bars were disappearing on device switch in Run mode
LD2607: Status indicators did not have alt tag in preview mode
LD-2449: Selecting ‘Help’ when on html tab on publish went to AICC/SCORM help
LD-2148: Button (or Image) position shifted between editor and browser
LD-2140: Hiding an object while it was transitioning in, prevented you from viewing the object again
LD-1274: Run view was slow compared to prior versions
LD-1724: Text wrapping differences in Build View, Run View, and Published
LD-196: Web window plugin, certain URLs never loaded in run view

Lectora 17.1.2

Released on:
January 29, 2018

Sub Version:
Lectora Inspire 17.1.2 (11270)
Lectora Publisher 17.1.2 (11269)

On the Getting Started and on the Help Resources pull-down in the upper-right corner of the user interface, the “Information Center” was relabled to say “Help”.
Updates to address an issue with eLB and BranchTrach screens not functioning correctly
Fixed an issue with a jumpy screen with “Scale to Fill Window” option
Corrected an issue with Drag and Drop where the drag option was not working with “Scale to Fill Window” is enabled
Auto-start media is now functioning for mobile devices
Fixed an issue with layering when “Set Order to Last” was being used
“Onshow” and “OnPage Show” actions are now firing on pop-up pages with Seamless Play enabled
Certificates can now be printed on iPad devices
Fixed an issue with BrankTrack reporting being incorrect when using incremental scoring
Addressed a problem where some multiple choice options were being dropped when importing CSV
Full screen option for videos was not highlighting in Run/Preview mode or Offline publish
Fix jQuery conflict when published with Seamless Play
Fixed slow down on Windows 10

Lectora 17.1.3

Released on:
January 29, 2018

Sub Version:
Lectora Inspire 17.1.3 (11276)
Lectora Publisher 17.1.3 (11275)

Identified and corrected an issue where the font selection list was missing a number of fonts that had previously been available as options

Lectora 17.1.4

Released on:
July 6, 2018

Sub Version:
Lectora Inspire 17.1.4 (11349)
Lectora Publisher 17.1.4 (11348)

Identified and corrected an issue whereby JAWS reads the form objects upon page load, and then reads them a second time
Fixed an issue where text blocks without actions are tabbable in published mode
Corrected an issue where in some browsers, SVG shapes and buttons without actions were tabbable
Addressed an issue where the tab order was incorrect in IE
Fixed the issue with JAWs when questions uses radio buttons, and the tabbing is not advancing to the next question
JAWS will now read text in all of the shapes on the page
Fixed an issue with JAWs when there was multiple questions on a single page, it was reading each question text in order, skipping over the choices, then going back and reading the choices in order
Objects placed off a page will no longer be tabbed to in published content
JAWS will now read the names of shapes that have actions

Lectora 17.1.5

Released on:
July 13, 2018

Sub Version:
Lectora Inspire 17.1.5 (11381)
Lectora Publisher 17.1.5 (11380)


Questions with immediate feedback in Hindi do not show feedback
Fix for v17.1.4 regression where question immediate feedback causes page to not load

Accessibility Issues Fixed:
Identified and corrected an issue whereby JAWS reads the form objects upon page load and then reads them a second time
Fixed an issue where text blocks without actions are tab-able in published mode
Corrected an issue where in some browsers, SVG shapes and buttons without actions were tab-able
Addressed an issue where the tab order was incorrect in IE
Fixed the issue with JAWs when questions use radio buttons, and the tabbing is not advancing to the next question
JAWS will now read the text in all of the shapes on the page
Fixed an issue with JAWs when there were multiple questions on a single page, it was reading each question text in order, skipping over the choices, then going back and reading the choices in order
Objects placed off a page will no longer be tabbed to in the published content
JAWS will now read the names of shapes that have actions

Lectora 17.1.6

Released on:
August 24, 2018

Sub Version:
Lectora Inspire 17.1.6 (11422)
Lectora Publisher 17.1.6 (11423)

Questions with apostrophes will now appear in Run, Preview or Publish
Fullscreen videos when within a iFrame will now fill the actual screen
Leaving full screen on a video in Run or Preview corrupts the display of other videos on the page
Addressed the issue where users could not tab away from entry fields in FireFox
Test Results will now display “%” after the Score Variable
IE8 Enterprise Mode will now execute OnShow Play audio
The audio player will now play in IE8 mode
Exiting fullscreen video in iOS will cause page to crop

Lectora 17.1.7

Released on:
September 24, 2018

Sub Version:
Lectora Inspire 17.1.7 (11468)
Lectora Publisher 17.1.7 (11470)

Incorrect manifest generated during Scorm Publish when test is included in the title

Lectora Desktop 17.1.8

Released on: 

February 12, 2019

Sub Version:
Lectora Inspire 17.1.8 (11588) 
Lectora Publisher 17.1.8 (11587) 

LD-6821 CEFSubProcess.exe getting deleted by Virus Scanning Software. Rules for Windows defender changed and it deletes this essential component. Lectora run mode displays a blank screen and Inspire tools do not display.

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