Lectora Online Release Notes

Lectora Online 5.2.5 Release Notes

Released on:

January 29, 2023

Current Version:

Lectora Online 5.2.5 (175)

Issues Fixed: 

LO-7944 - Sunset SOM in Lectora Online

LO-8022 - Unlimited Disk Quota for Portal orgs

Lectora Online 5.2.4 Release Notes

Released on:

December 3, 2022

Current Version:

Lectora Online 5.2.4 (172)

Issues Fixed: 

LO-7954 Output of XLF export no longer working for German vowel mutation characters a.k.a. Umlauts

LO-7972 Updating the CourseMill field in Lectora Online is not fully saving and reverts back to the default setting


Lectora Online 5.2.3 Release Notes

Released on:

Oct 15, 2022

Current Version:

Lectora Online 5.2.3 (151)

Issues Fixed:

  • LO-7888 Saba Publisher Online has no ReviewLink tab in the user's Preferences window so they can't change RL email or password
  • LO-7940 CLONE - Update AICC publish to copy files in the CRS folder to the root folder when publishing
  • LO-7834 LO/RL Platform Upgrades
  • LO-7884 AWS classic networking
  • LO-7889 User cannot select text in published projects  regardless of the Protect content option checked
  • LO-7900 Illustrated Cut Out Characters cannot be downloaded from LO
  • LO-7928 Preferences, Apps, ReviewLink, Cannot remove password from field plus old value comes back.
  • LO-7935 Audio Closed caption text appears in wrong place up the page from the closed caption black box
  • LO-3338 YouTube closed captioning does not display via LO, does display via LD.
  • LO-7892 Publish to RL - Account Settings button not working right
  • LO-7894 Move RL off of to
  • LO-7925 Closed caption background flag is not correct if importing PKG from LD

Lectora Online 5.2 Release Notes

Released on:

Dec 12, 2021

Current Version:

Lectora Online 5.2 (86)


Publish to The Training Arcade Activity List

Publish your Lectora Online SCORM content as an activity within your arcade, such as a Task, Mission, or Journey. (requires an Arcades® subscription)

Publish to Rockstar Learning Platform

Sign up for a FREE Rockstar Learning Platform account to publish UNLIMITED Lectora courses directly to your platform.

Publish to Docebo

Enjoy easy integration with the Docebo LMS. Publish your Lectora courses directly to the Docebo Content Library in a few clicks.

Add CenarioVR content.

Drop in your zipped scenario in a few clicks
Trigger an event when the scenario completes (on-done)

Upon completion of the CVR content, the following 3 variables are set. 
Result (passed, failed, & completed status)

New Focus Action to set the keyboard focus to any Lectora object

Focus an element on the fly to improve the navigation experience for screen reader learners. (Coming soon to Desktop!)

Issues Fixed:

LO-7682 Fonts are now retained when importing a Question/Test CSV 
LO-7676 Video controller buttons no longer overlap with RTL (right to left) languages

Lectora Online 5.1 Release Notes

Released on:

Oct 22, 2021

Current Version:

Lectora Online 5.1 (126)


Training Arcade Integration

Allows Authors to insert Training Arcade Games directly into their Lectora Course and retrieve user interaction information from the Game object

    • Insert a Training Arcade Game directly into a Lectora Online course
    • Training Arcade Game variables provide information to the Lectora course on the Learner's interaction with the embedded Training Arcade Game (where xxx is the numeric ID of the object)

Duration (in seconds from game beginning to end)

Variable Name: Object_Name_xxx_Duration

Result (passed, failed or completed - set after end of game)

Variable Name: Object_Name_xxx_Result

Score (percent correct, not the game score)

Variable Name: Object_Name_xxx_Score

Points (points accumulated in the game)

Variable Name: Object_Name_xxx_Points

    • New "OnDone Playing" trigger for Training Arcade Games

Issues Fixed:

LO-7672 Textbox formatting lost when switching content

LO-7686 The auto start media tap/click page now uses a play button for better appeal. The play button is always visible, providing a better user experience, even for taller pages or smaller devices.

LO-7678 Older style Legacy Lectora buttons and shapes have no icon


Lectora Online 5.0.2 Release Notes

Released on:

Sep 13, 2021

Current Version:

Lectora Online 5.0.2 (86)


This release includes several system performance improvements. 

Issues Fixed:

The OnShowPlay action will wait for an initially hidden video to be displayed.

PowerPoint files with certain m4a audio files are now supported.

Lectora Online 5.0.1 Release Notes

Released on:

Aug 1, 2021

Current Version:

Lectora Online 5.0.1 (71)


UI text size increased to improve usability

Issues Fixed:

When deleting a progress bar, custom variables are now retained

Publish to HTML: HTTP 500 error and zip file failure 

Find/Replace ".<space><space>" with ".<space>"

Error Code 1004 with custom colors

Lectora Online 5.0

Released on:

Jul 11, 2021

Current Version:

Lectora Online 5.0 (55)

Drawing upon thousands of documented use cases from the eLearning Brothers Customer Success team and Lectora’s product team, a new authoring methodology, called rapid Modular Development (ModDev), evolved and it provides the foundation for Lectora.

These Modular Development tools, which dramatically reduce time, save money, and extend resources with repeatable, scalable processes include:

  • Ready-made instructional design frameworks
  • Mobile-ready themes & style packs
  • Interactive wireframe templates
  • New library of templatized interactions

With these new ModDev elements, instructional designers can customize and brand once, and blast their branded modular templates across a global organization for consistent, professional results.


Modernized User Interface and Experience

Lectora ModDev rapid modular development system

New Mobile-Ready Themes & Style Packs

Interactive Wireframe Templates

Custom Color Palettes Save & Import

Visual Style Preview

Improved Media Event Synchronization

Greater Control of Closed Captioning

Improved video editing capabilities of Screen Recorder Tool

Issues Fixed:

Text block with a hide by float transition will now reappear when a show action is applied. 

In Run Mode, Mute now will persist across pages 


Lectora Online 4.10

Released on:

Nov 6, 2020

Current Version:

Lectora Online 4.10 (198)


  • Organizations can now set their own Password Policy  LO-7241
    • Now organization administrators can set a password policy
      Number of failed login attempts before user is locked out
    • Lockout time period
    • Password length
    • Number of numbers required in a password
    • Number of uppercase characters required in a password
    • Number of lowercase characters required in a password
    • Number of special characters required in a password
    • Do not allow username or names in a password
    • Do not allow consecutive characters
    • Check against a list of common bad passwords (blacklist)
    • Translate courses using the XLIFF file format  LO-7244
      The translation tool now produces XLIFF files for translation
    • Closed Captions can be added to any video with the video editor LO-7239
      See Video 
  • Videos can be created in a structured way with the video editor Scripted option LO-7228
    See Video

Issues Fixed:

  • 211970271 Test saving values in question variable
  • 217724132 Error during executing action an action [Video Close] Safari
  • 231213806 YouTube Video video does not show if initially hidden
  • 204156323 Media Events not working in Safari on MacOS since last LO update
  • 200307824 Manage Titles dialog, Right Click not working
  • Support - Closed Caption box in video player has lost its background that helps the text stand out from the video
  • Support - Closed Caption <span> text formatting doesn't work
  • Support - Edit question text control in Question Editor does not work on Mac
  • Community - M4A audio files not playing on v4.9
  • Support - YouTube auto-start issue
  • Support  - xAPI course description causes JS error if it contains a newline char


Lectora Online 4.9

Released on:

Sept 11, 2020

Current Version:

Lectora Online 4.9 (548)


Audio and Video Player Updated  LO-6831
    • Stream your videos with the latest technologies
    • More authors are using media streaming services that utilize Browser native streaming protocols such as HLS and MPEG-Dash.  We have updated the media player so you can take advantage of these modern streaming protocols natively in Lectora.
See Your Changes Update in Real-Time - Modify Variable Action  LO-6612
    • Now when you update a variable you will see any associated objects update. 
    • Variables that are used inline in Text Blocks are now updated when the variable is modified with a Modify Variable action.  Similarly when you use Modify Variable to update Question, Form Element, or Progress Bar variables the UI of those objects will change to the new value.
jQuery was updated - your published content is more secure LO-6613
    • We upgraded the jQuery library used by Lectora to jQuery 3.5.1. 
    • With this update we drop support for Internet Explorer 9 and less for published courses. 
    • The internal jQuery library can be accessed through scripting using the triv$ object.  
    • This update ensures the latest security fixes for jQuery will be included in your published content.
The Send Email Action has returned LO-6539
    • You asked and we listened.  Back by popular demand the Send Email action has returned!  
    • We highly recommend you submit results or responses through our Submit Form Action or Submit Test Results to a server side script or Google Forms.  However, if you have a use case where you want your students to use email, this action is back in Lectora for you to use.
 WCAG-compliant Auto-Start  LO-6717
    • The Click / Tap here start page is now Accessible (WCAG compliant), it uses a standard button object. The text for this page can be configured in the Publish String Sets. You can also find some secret styling tips for this page in our community forum.
Higher Quality Course Narration LO-6873
    • For Text to Speech a sample rate of 8000Hz is just not enough.  We have listened and with this release higher sample rates are now available!
Easier Publish Options and Scaling Width Limit  LO-6314 LO-6847
    • We’ve made our publishing options easier to understand
    • When scaling to fill up the browser window you can now also set a limit so your content is not expanded beyond a reasonable size.

Issues Fixed:

LO-7146: Google Fonts Format Updated

Google changed the way they package their fonts ( and as such we have made adjustments so you can use their new format.  In Lectora Online you will want to follow these instructions for installing custom fonts.

LO-7137: Text Wrapping Improvement

Text Wrapping improvement for mobile views.  Text blocks would sometimes grow too large on mobile device views making the page taller than it needed to be. This fix shows our commitment to evolving our industry leading exclusive Responsive Course Design system.

LO-7154: Object Transitions Improved

We noticed that some of the object transitions were not working properly and so we put some effort into ensuring that they work as expected.  Please take advantage of object transitions when hiding and showing objects to add even more excitement to your training

LO-6792: On mobile devices a Change Contents action would not allow media auto-start.

Case 175884

LO-7163: An event can not be created when it is greater than 1 hour into the media.

Case 179675 

LO-7164:  If the normal state of a Button has a Picture fill then it cannot be removed 

When customizing a different state of the Button.  It appeared to remove the Picture fill but upon save close and reopen the Picture fill would reappear on the Button state.
Case 179723

This article last reviewed December 2021. The software may have changed since the last review. Please visit our Release Notes to learn more about version updates.