Trouble Shooting

Lectora Sync Events and Flash End Of Life


Last update February 2021

Affects: Lectora 19.0.3 and older
Solution: Lectora 19.0.4 Released February 9, 2021

Lectora Desktop versions 19.0.3 and older have used a Flash component to display the player controls within the Sync Events dialog.  

Originally, Adobe set December 31, 2020 to no longer support Flash player.  They have since added a complete blockage of executing Flash functions on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems as of January 12, 2021. Adobe Flash Player End of Life

As a result, Synchronize Events dialog does not presen the audio or video play controls.  Note in the image below, the controls are not displayed.  This issue is resolved in Lectora 19.0.4.   To work around this in older versions of Lectora, please use the steps below.

Work around for Synchronize Events.

  • Select the audio or video object for which you would like to set up synchronized events.
  • From the Properties menu, click on Edit Audio.  This will open the waveform editor.
  • Also from the Properties menu, click on Sync Events 
  • Both dialogs should now be open.
  • Use the Audio Editor to play and pause the audio at the points where you wish to have an Event.  Then note the time as shown in Cursor Position.
  • Next, on the Sync Events dialog, click on the Event flag.  This will add a new event and set the event time to zero.  
  • Edit the event time to be the time noted in the Cursor Position field.  
  • Please be sure to note the time format (minutes:seconds.milliseconds).