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Lectora Variables Dialog is Not Displaying On Screen

Lectora Variables Dialog is Not Displaying On Screen

When pressing the Variables button, how does the dialog display:

Variables displays, but is empty or does not display all variables used in the title:

  • The Variables dialog will display all variables in use for the page that is current.  Thus, it is possible to have an empty list for a page where there are no variables in use.
  • Use the Refresh button to update the variable list after each page change.

Does not display:

  • The Variables dialog may display behind another window.  
  • The Variables dialog may display on a different screen.  
  • The variables dialog will open on a system's primary screen.  A caveat can occur when the computer screen in use is the only available, but is not the system primary display.  This most often will occur when using a laptop which is sometimes connected to a docking station with an independent display.  When using a docking system, it is typical to make this independent screen the primary, i.e. in your Windows Display settings, it is set as screen 1, and the laptop screen will be set as screen 2.   When the laptop is disconnected from the docking station, Windows will display items on the laptop screen, but it does not change the screen order in the Windows settings.  When in this type of configuration, Lectora dialogs will open on the primary screen (screen 1 in settings), which unfortunately is not visible while the laptop is undocked.  
  • To resolve, dock the laptop and prior to undocking, go to the Windows Display Settings [ on your Windows system, right click on your desktop and select Display Settings].  In section Multiple displays, modify the screen priority to set the laptop display to screen 1.  After setting, undock the laptop and retry accessing the Variables dialog.

    This article last reviewed Dec, 2015. The software may have changed since the last review. Please visit our Release Notes to learn more about version updates.