Storyline Styles

Media Tour

***All template files are tested using modern browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox. We do not support or test using Internet Explorer.***

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In this video, we're going to take a look at the structure of our Media Tour Storyline template, and how to make a few edits to the file.

The main visuals for this course, plus user instructions and header are on the base layer.

Select the Content 1 – 6 layers to access the pop-up content that appears on click. Change images on these layers by right-clicking and selecting Change Picture. Edit content on each by selecting the Content textbox.

The number of media objects in this file is set to 6. If you'd like to remove an object, delete it, mark it invisible in the timeline, or drag it off screen. You can also insert new thumbnails, but make sure to replicate the triggers from the original.