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Member Libraries

The eLearning Brothers Member Libraries give you a place to share your eLearning creations with other eLearning Brothers users. Watch this video to learn more. 


The Member Libraries can be a great place to share eLearning awesomeness and creativity, as well as a place to draw inspiration. It is a place for all eLearning Brothers users to share templates and assets with each other. When you upload a file to the member library it becomes available to subscribers of the matching eLearning Brothers library. So, if you are subscribed to the Cutout People Library, you have access to the Cutout People Member Library as well! It works the same way for the Template and Stock Asset libraries.

To access the member libraries, start by logging in at . Go to the top right hand corner, click “login”, and login with your LinkedIn, Facebook, or email. Once you’re logged in, use the top orange navigation bar and hover over the “Member Libraries” option.  From this drop down menu, you can either learn more about the member libraries, access the template, cutout, or stock member libraries, or upload your own assets to the libraries. Let’s start by clicking on Template Library.

Each of the member libraries come with search features at the top. In the template library, you can sort by tool or search by keyword. In the cutout people library, you can narrow your search results by age, ethnicity, gender, and industry, or search by keyword in the search box. In the stock asset library, you can filter by category or search by keyword.

If you want to add your eLearning Awesomeness to the member libraries, go to the top orange navigation bar, hover over “Member Libraries” and click ‘Upload’. From here, you’ll need to choose a library that you want to upload to. As a reminder, you can only upload to libraries to which you are subscribed to.

Once you’ve read the uploading guidelines, click the accept button and follow the onscreen instructions to upload your file.

When you’re ready to view or edit files you’ve already uploaded, click on your name in the upper right hand corner to go to your member dashboard, then click on the “uploads” tab.

You can view all files that have been uploaded from members in your group here.By clicking on an asset, you can view upload information, add keywords, or delete the asset.

This article last reviewed Feb, 2020. The software may have changed since the last review.