Moderating Posts in Channels

This article will explain how to moderate posts on Channels. You must be an Administrator to moderate posts.

June 1, 2022


You may want to restrict who can post to certain channels, or select only submitted posts that best exemplify the best practices that you wish to model to your audience. Individual channels can be configured for open access or to require posts to be approved by an administrator.

If a channel has been configured to require that posts be approved by an admin, this process will be used to approve or deny posts to the channel. For more information, please see Adding a Channel.

Approving and Denying Posts

Channels with posts awaiting moderation will have a number beside them indicating how many posts are waiting.

  1. Watch the video by clicking or tapping anywhere on the row
  2. Press one of the buttons to Approve or Deny the post.

Once approved, the post will appear on the channel and can be seen by all users who have access to the channel.

Configuring a Channel for Moderation

To change an existing channel's settings to require moderation, click or tap the , and check "Posts must be approved by an admin."