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Edit Multiple Modules at a Time with Module Batch Editors

Edit modules in bulk: update learner groups, presenters, and tags. Edit all modules in a course: update learner groups, presenters, and tags. Delete multiple modules.

June 8, 2022


Module Batch Editor in "My Library"

Step 1: Open Batch Editor 

Navigate to the “Content” tab of the Admin Portal. Select the “Module Batch Editing” button to open the editor.


Step 2: Select Modules

Select each module you wish to edit or select the "Select All" check box to mark all modules on the page. Then select “Edit Selected items”.

Note: You can select up to 100 modules at a time by changing the number of items per page to 100.

Step 3: Edit Modules

In the popup window, change the information you wish to edit (learner group, presenter, and/or tags) for the selected modules by selecting the box by the category in the batch editing panel and adding the new information in the text field. Hit “Tab” or “Enter” after adding each learner group, presenter, or tag to add it to the text field. Otherwise, your addition will not be saved. 

Caution:  For each field that you have chosen to modify, the data will be replaced, not added on to. You will remove information from any selected field unless that information is included in the batch editing panel.

Note: Fields in the batch editing panel that have not been selected will not change. These fields can remain blank without changing the modules’ information. 

Related: For more information on learner groups, visit Learner Group Settings and for more information on tags and presenters, visit How to Edit/Fill out Module Details pages for Uploaded Modules.



Step 4: Update Information

Select “Update” to publish your changes. Select “Yes” to confirm, and a progress bar will appear indicating when all of your modules have been updated.

Caution: This action cannot be undone, so be sure you want to make the changes before you publish them. Remember, the data will be replaced. 



Edit All Modules in a Course

You can also open the Module Batch Editor from the Course Editor page to edit multiple modules in the same course. 

To do so, navigate to the “Content” tab of the Admin Portal. Select “Open” on a course, and then select “Edit”. Scroll to the bottom of the course editor and select the yellow button “Module Batch Editing”. Then follow the same steps as above to edit the modules. 

Note: You will be able to select specific modules within the course to edit from the Module Batch Editor. 



Delete Multiple Modules at Once

Open the Module Batch Editor either from “My Library” or from the Course Editor as described above. Select the modules you wish to delete in the editor, and then select the trashcan icon. Select “yes” in the popup that appears to permanently delete the selected modules or select “no” to return to the batch editor. 

Caution: Modules that are deleted are permanently deleted. This action cannot be undone.