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Module Page

You can access a Module Page by clicking on any of the modules in a course. A Module refers to any piece of media in a course. The Module Page is where you will view the media in the platform as well as the module details.

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To learn how to set up and modify the module elements on this page, view the Uploading and Editing a File Article.

Module Thumbnail: You can upload a thumbnail image to your module. The recommended file formats are PNG or JPEG. The recommended thumbnail dimensions are 864 pixels x 486 pixels.

Star Icon: Users can rate the module out of 5 stars. As part of the description section, the user will see their rating and the average rating of the module. To learn how to add and remove ratings from your platform, visit the General Settings Article.

Heart Icon: If a user wants to be able to easily access a module from the Home Page of the platform, they can click the heart icon. The module will appear in the "Saved" tab on the Home Page.

Speech Bubble Icon: If a module has video commentary, the user can click the speech bubble icon to view the timed stamped commentary.

Module Title: The title of the course will display at the top of the module details section. 

Module Description: The module description will display in the module details section below the module.

Call to Action Button: Admins can add a call to action button that will appear below the description of the module. This button can link to a URL outside of the Rockstar Learning Platform.

Enroll Others: Only Admin Users will see the "Enroll Others" button. Clicking this button will bring Admins to the "Enrollments" tab on the Admin Page. Here you will be able to manually enroll users to the module. To learn more about enrollments, visit the Enrollments Article

Tags: Admins can add tags to a module to help end users search for content. For example: If a user searches for "sales" in the search bar at the top of the page, all modules with the "sales" tag will appear in the search results.

Comments: Comments can be turned on and off on each module, individually. The comment section allows admins and users to interact with each other and discuss the module. To learn how to activate the comment section in your platform, visit the Account Settings Article.

Attachments: Admins can add attachments that pertain to a module such as PDFs, audio files, or URLs. The attachments will appear below the module on the left hand side.

Module List: Below the attachments section will be a list of all the modules in this course. This includes sub-courses and modules. Users can click on the module title to navigate through the course.

This article last reviewed October, 2021. The software may have changed since the last review.