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Navigating “My Library”, the Content Library

Learn about the “My Library” tab: filters, sorting, searching, and items per page.

June 8, 2022

What is the My Library Tab?

The “My Library” tab is located in the “Content” section of the Admin Portal. This tab is the content library that houses all uploaded and admin-created modules on the Rockstar Learning Platform. From here, you can view specific information about each module. 

Note: This tab can only be accessed by full system admins; enterprise and office admins cannot modify content on the platform. 

Related: Though “Module Batch Editing” and “Add New” are part of the “My Library” tab, these features are discussed in their own articles: Edit Multiple Modules at a Time with Module Batch Editors and any of the different upload/edit articles for each module type, such as Uploading, Editing, and Copying a File.


Sort, Filter, and Search My Library

Since there will likely be quite a few modules in the “My Library”, the “sort”, “filter”, search, and “items per page” functions will help you find the module you need. 

Sort: Select “Sort” above the search bar to order the modules by either “most recent” or alphabetically by “module title”. You can also choose for the list to be in ascending or descending order.

Filter: The “Filter” dropdown lets you search for specific modules by the module’s type, status, and learner groups.

Selecting multiple options in the same category (i.e. “video” and “event”) will display modules that meet either condition. However, when selecting options in multiple categories (i.e. “active” and “video”), the list will only display modules that meet both conditions. For further example, if “video” is selected and “All” and “Manager” were selected learner groups, then any video with either the “All” learner group or “Manager group would appear; the video would not have to belong to both learner groups.  

Note: Select “reset” to restore the filters to their default (Status: Active and Inactive, Type: All, and Learner Groups: left blank). 


Search: The search bar lets you search through your modules. This feature works with filters, so it will only search through modules that meet the filter criteria.

Note: You must type at least 3 characters in the bar to start the search. The search will then display any module with a title that includes the searched characters. 

Items per Page: You can use the arrows to navigate from one page of modules to the next. The numbers at the bottom of the library allow you to set how many modules are visible on each page (10, 25, 50, or 100).