Working with Images

Optimizing Image Size in Lectora Online

To save space, you can select to reduce the file size of large images that you have added to your title. Enabling this option reduces the file size of your working title during development. The image is converted and saved to the largest size used within the title. This process is currently only available in Lectora Online.


(While this video is from a previous version of Lectora Online the process is still the same)


To optimize an image:

  1. On the Tools ribbon, click the Resources graphic in the Manage group.

Tools Resources

2. The Resource Manager window opens. To locate an image select the Image category by expanding [+] the resource category then select the image. Or use the Search tab, enter the search terms into the field and click the Search button. The resulting list is populated with the resources whose file names contain the search terms provided.

Resource Manager Images

3. Click Optimize size. The Optimize size dialog box opens, displaying the optimization statistics.

4. In the Optimize size dialog box, click Yes to confirm and continue with the optimizing process.

5. Click Close to close the Resource Manager.

This article last reviewed Dec, 2015. The software may have changed since the last review. Please visit our Release Notes to learn more about version updates.